View from Sibos 2021: 11 - 14 October

Sibos 2021 brings together business leaders and decision-makers in a virtual environment to shape the future of the financial services world. This year’s theme will address how the financial ecosystem can reassess, re-energise and recharge.

The programme will focus on how the industry can emerge from this period of disruption stronger than ever, and includes four interconnected sub-themes – digital acceleration, managing risk, transformative technology and banking on change.

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Sibos 2021

The Banker covers the key discussions from the conference through a video interview series with industry figures and policy-makers.

Key discussion points:

  • The future of money
  • Transformative change
  • Trade digitalisation
  • Sustainable finance

The Banker’s View from Sibos is your ideal guide before, during and after the conference.

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