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Banks wake up to intraday liquidity challenge

Banks wake up to intraday liquidity management challenge

October 1, 2012

Market reforms are flooding the financial sector and banks are facing the challenge of managing their liquidity more efficiently. But the industry remains divided on best practice approaches to intraday liquidity management.

Gottfried Leibbrandt TEASER

Swift CEO sets agenda for Sibos 2012

October 1, 2012

Ahead of Sibos 2012, Gottfried Leibbrandt, chief executive officer of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or Swift, sat down for an exclusive interview with The Banker to discuss the conference agenda and the company's position in a rapidly changing global landscape. 

Correspondent banking under Dodd-Frank

Correspondent banking under Dodd-Frank, Section 1073: the new normal

October 1, 2012

The Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1073 is going to alter the practice of retail cross-border payments services – not just for US-based financial institutions but also for their correspondent banking relationships abroad. The deadline is near, but a practical solution to meet the requirements of the rule still seems far off. The Banker looks at some alternatives that have finally started to emerge.

Suma Chakrabarti TEASER

Why the EBRD is extending its reach

September 3, 2012

The EBRD has taken on a new region of operation at a time of unprecedented economic turbulence, but it has the resources and experience to make investments that can help transform troubled economies.

Hans-Olaf Henkel TEASER

Why the euro cannot continue in its current form

September 3, 2012

The euro is no longer fit for purpose and must be dramatically rethought before it breaks up Europe.

After the Arab Spring TEASER

After the Arab Spring: the revival of north Africa's capital markets

September 3, 2012

North African capital markets were hit hard in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings that cut through the region in 2011. Economic activity was left disjointed and north African bourses experienced sharp declines in trading. The Banker looks at whether the increased liberalisation of these countries' economies can encourage foreign investment and benefit their respective exchanges.

Norman T L Chan TEASER

A global awakening to the importance of good discipline

September 3, 2012

Financial and macroeconomic stability will be achieved through monetary, fiscal and market discipline, but only when important structural imbalances in major developed economies have been corrected.

how Myanmar could complete the Asean picture TEASER

Asia’s missing link: how Myanmar could complete the Asean picture

September 3, 2012

As Myanmar is welcomed back into the international fold, the implications for the Association of South-east Asian Nations, and Asia as a whole, could be huge if the country's economic and logistical potential is delivered upon.

Reshaping the Asia-Latam trade relationship

Reshaping the Asia-Latam trade relationship

September 3, 2012

Economic ties between Asia and Latin America are booming amid a sluggish world economy, but to unlock the full potential of this economic relationship, there must be more investment in connectivity, a removal of policy impediments, and more inter-regional engagement.

Alexandre Tombini TEASER

The rising role of central banks in monetary policies

September 3, 2012

The post-crisis environment has seen central banks play an increasingly large role in the financial stability policies of many countries. Central bankers need to understand how price and financial stability policies must work together for the best best results.