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Asia does its own thing

Doing its own thing: does Asia need the IMF?

October 1, 2013

Lingering resentment over its role in the Asian crisis of the 1990s and complaints that the continent is under-represented in its senior positions mean that the IMF's popularity throughout Asia is low. But will this sense of injustice lead to the forming of an Asian Monetary Fund that will push the IMF to the sidelines in the region?

Elvira Nabiullina

Challenges and opportunities for Russia's evolving central bank

October 1, 2013

A new inflation targeting framework, efforts to improve the supply of credit and the implementation of Basel III all pose challenges for the Bank of Russia, as well as opportunities to modernise the country's financial system.

Sultan bin Nasser Al-Suwaidi

UAE CBG looks to utilise macroprudential toolkit

October 1, 2013

The central bank governor of the United Arab Emirates says the country is looking to the tools in its macroprudential toolkit to increase the economy’s resilience to any future shocks. 

Rachel Ziemba

Mena moves beyond muddling through

October 1, 2013

Countries in the Middle East and north Africa are muddling through as they respond to the chaos brought about by the Arab Spring. So what can they do to increase growth and improve their business environment?

Central banks drive Africas recovery

Central banks drive Africa's recovery

October 1, 2013

Africa’s underdeveloped economies and financial sectors have proved a barrier for central banks implementing monetary policy and prudential regulation. But recent years have seen significant progress, thanks in no small part to central banks’ growing independence from governments.

View from Sibos

View from Sibos: Ann Cairns, president, international markets, MasterCard

September 19, 2013

Jane Cooper, The Banker's transaction banking editor, speaks with Ann Cairns, MasterCard's president of international markets, at Sibos 2013 in Dubai.

View from Sibos: Bruno Prigent, global head of securities services, Société Générale

September 19, 2013

Brian Caplen, editor of The Banker, speaks with Bruno Prigent, Société Générale's global head of securities services, at Sibos 2013 in Dubai. 

View from Sibos: Ather Williams, managing director, head of global payments, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

September 19, 2013

Jane Cooper, The Banker's transaction banking editor, speaks with Ather Williams, head of global payments for the transaction banking business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, during the Sibos 2013 conference held in Dubai.

View From Sibos 2013

Staying ahead in global transaction banking

September 4, 2013

Ahead of their meeting on a panel at this year's Sibos, Brian Caplen, editor of The Banker, and Jennifer Boussuge, head of global transaction services at Bank of America Merill Lynch, discuss the key issues dominating the global transaction banking space, including the potential of big data, the cost of regulation and the need for an adaptive business model.

A new alternative: Islamic finance and its widening appeal

September 4, 2013

As part of The Banker's pre-Sibos build up, editor Brian Caplen talks to Harris Irfan, founder of Islamic finance advisory firm Cordoba Capital, about the prospects for Islamic finance in trade financing.