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Better, faster, stronger: How payments infrastructures are changing

September 4, 2013

As part of The Banker's pre-Sibos build up, editor Brian Caplen and chief executive of VocaLink David Yates discuss the ways in which payments infrastructures are having to adapt to emerging technologies and changing consumer habits.

Swift’s chief executive Gottfried Leibbrandt

Swift's chief executive discusses Sibos agenda

September 3, 2013

Ahead of the annual Sibos conference, The Banker’s editor Brian Caplen discusses the event’s agenda with Swift’s chief executive Gottfried Leibbrandt. They consider the impact of inbound regulations, the rise of new technologies, the big data challenge, emerging market growth and the wider economic picture.

TEASER-Emilio Botín

Emilio Botín: the secret of Santander's success

January 2, 2013

Emilio Botín, the chairman of Banco Santander, explains how the bank's geographical diversification and philosophy of operating standalone subsidiaries has helped it thrive during the worst years of the crisis, and stand it in good stead for the future.

What does the future hold for South Koreas leading lights

What does the future hold for South Korea's leading lights

January 2, 2013

As South Korea's economy has developed in recent decades, its major companies have grown in tandem. However, as questions are raised about these companies' lack of contribution to Korean 'society' and concerns are aired over their over-importance to the country's economy, what does the future hold for the likes of Samsung?

Luis Castilla

Peru's finance minister refuses to rest on his laurels

January 2, 2013

Peru is one of the fastest growing economies in South America and is making strong progress in developing its infrastructure to establish itself as a gateway between Asia and Latin America. However, its finance minister is still focused on boosting the country's prosperity and eradicating poverty.

The euro: a path worth taking

The euro: a path worth taking?

January 2, 2013

The eurozone's troubles of the past few years have meant that the headlines have been dominated by those countries deemed likely to leave the currency union. However, there are EU members that still wish to sign up to euro membership. The question is, why?

The co-operative lesson

The co-operative lesson

January 2, 2013

With a series of scandals shaking confidence in large listed banks and the financial crisis badly damaging their profits, European interest in co-operative lenders has been revived. Is this a passing phase – a knee-jerk reaction to a difficult couple of years – or is it the beginning of a larger, more permanent shift in sentiment?

Andrew Sheng - TEASER

Asia's diverse path to maturity

January 2, 2013

With Asian economies expected to account for half of the world’s financial assets by 2050, there are huge implications for the financial architecture of Asia and the world. 

Banks continue to reach for the clouds

Banks continue to reach for the clouds

January 2, 2013

Every e-mail that is sent, every tweet that is posted and every Facebook update that is published creates data that gets logged and backed up – somewhere. This ‘somewhere’ is 'the cloud'. With the continuous growth of digital social networks, this data cloud is expanding – creating both a buzz and opportunities for banks but also fears about data storage and maintenance.

Custodians grapple with new demands

October 1, 2012

The landscape for custodians and sub-custodians is about to alter dramatically, thanks in no small part to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, which will make global custodians liable for the actions of their sub-custodians, leading to uncertainty over risk pricing and the future role of sub-custodians.