Beyond Digital

A low interest rate environment, under-performing returns on equity, changing customer expectations, increased regulation and the UK’s decision to leave the EU are combining to create a perfect storm for banks. But the digital revolution in financial services can provide banks with the opportunity to transform business models and become winners in this uncertain and challenging environment. 

The Banker’s Masterclass series, in association with IBM, explores how the digital revolution in financial services is disrupting every aspect of the traditional banking business model. The series covers the new level of collaboration withfintech start-ups via application programming interfaces, the growing importance of cognitive technology, or machine learning, and the role cloud technology can play in improving cybersecurity

Topics covered: 

  • Beyond digital: winning in a challenging environment 
  • Becoming the cognitive bank 
  • Radical cost take-out 
  • Cybersecurity beyond compliance

In conversation with:

  • Likhit Wagle, Global Industry General Manager, Banking & Financial Markets, IBM
  • Vivek Bajaj, Vice-President, Global Banking & Financial Markets, IBM Cognitive Solutions
  • Bart Van den Daele, General Manager, Financial Services Sector Europe, IBM
  • Julian Meyrick, Vice-President IBM Security, Europe

IBM Masterclass Series

IBM Theatre Sessions at Sibos 2016

Hear industry experts and IBM clients provide the latest updates on financial services technologies including Real-Time Payments, Cyber Security, Blockchain and API Economy.
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Why banks have to think backwards on fintech

February 29, 2016

Techfin or fintech? Incumbent banks think in terms of the former – applying technology to the financial process – while for start-ups it's the latter, in that they take the financial process and apply technology. It is a subtle difference, but an important one, says Chris Skinner.

Joanne Hannaford

Goldman Sachs turbo charges access to data

April 1, 2016

Joanne Hannaford, global co-head of enterprise platforms at Goldman Sachs and one of the most senior female software engineers in the banking industry, speaks to Joy Macknight about the investment bank’s transformation projects.

Cyber security: making banking safer

Cyber security: making banking safer

January 4, 2016

Protecting the banks’ crown jewels – money and personal data – may have become more difficult than ever, but financial institutions have fortified their defences with a little help from their fintech friends.

Is it API or die for banks?

March 1, 2016

Whether or not to fully embrace APIs... It is a bold question but one that many answer strongly in the affirmative. Joy Macknight investigates whether banks are truly ready to open up their applications to the world.


Crédit Agricole shapes up to face difficult European market

June 1, 2016

Under new chief executive Philippe Brassac, Crédit Agricole has simplified its oft-criticised group structure and devised a new plan, aimed at strengthening core business lines, improving operational efficiency and transforming its digital offering. Brian Caplen reports on how these changes will affect the bank. 

GET-Austria National Bank

Austria’s banking overhaul

June 1, 2016

Austria is dealing with the same digitalisation and profitability issues as the rest of the eurozone, but insiders are confident the enforced upheaval in the country’s banking sector will have positive long-term benefits.

Matthew Leavenworth

BAML rethinks correspondent banking fundamentals

June 1, 2016

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s head of strategy and innovation in global transaction services, Matthew Leavenworth, tells Joy Macknight why he believes that blockchain’s capacity to prompt an infrastructure overhaul could prove more important than the technology itself.

Myanmar Telenor teaser

Myanmar’s fledgling banking system braces for fintech

June 10, 2016

Myanmar is on the cusp of a mobile and financial technology revolution. How can emerging local banks harness this development? And is the rise of fintech an opportunity or a challenge? Peter Janssen reports.

IBM Theatre Sessions at Sibos 2016

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