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Co-innovation: partnering to create the future of finance

    As the need to innovate becomes more pressing, banks have become increasingly collaborative. This new
    era of cooperation sees lenders striking up new partnerships with the full range of market participants –
    including clients, fintechs and employees – to pursue their digitisation and innovation agendas.

    Danielle Myles, investment banking editor of The Banker, speaks with Nordea’s innovation leaders and
    partners about the opportunities presented by this new open-style of banking.

    The Banker Viewpoint Series is sponsored by Nordea but independently edited.

    In discussion:
    Creating the digital agenda - Nordea’s chief digital officer, Ewan MacLeod, talks to The Banker’s Danielle Myles about how the digital transformation agenda is driving a new partnership philosophy and greater collaboration with fintechs, clients and between banks themselves.

    The corporate client view - Jonas Lundin, business developer, at If P&C Insurance, explains to The Banker’s Danielle Myles how important digital transformation is to the insurer’s business strategy and how agile working with an external partner such as Nordea can deliver innovative solutions in a much faster turnaround time.

    The fintech view - Eli Keren, founder and CEO of Betalo, a start-up focused on simplifying cross-border payments, talks to Danielle Myles about the fintech’s partnership with Nordea, as well as the game-changing aspects of the Payment Services Directive 2, which comes into force in September 2019.

    The intrapreneur view - The Banker’s Danielle Myles talks to Fabien Fédy, intrapreneur and co-founder at the Box, about how the start-up helps improve the customer experience of starting a business for entrepreneurs and describes his journey through Nordea’s intrapreneur programme – Runway.

    Fostering a culture of innovation - Sophia Wikander, head of business innovation, transaction banking, at Nordea, talks to The Banker’s Danielle Myles about how the bank encourages a culture of innovation and idea-sharing inside the bank and with partners like fintechs and clients.

    In conversation with:
    Ewan MacLeod, Chief Digital Officer, Nordea
    Sophia Wikander, Head of Business Innovation in Transaction Banking, Nordea
    Jonas Lundin, Business Developer, IF P&C Insurance
    Eli Keren, Founder and CEO, Betalo
    Fabien Fédy, Business Designer, The Box

    For more information visit Nordea Transaction Banking Insights

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