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Know your options

July 2, 2004

Hedge funds are a form of alternative investment that is growing rapidly. But this diverse group uses a variety of strategies with very different risk/return profiles, which can be confusing for investors. Laurent Le Saint explains the pros and the cons.

Jeremy Isaacs

July 2, 2004

Following Lehman Brothers’ push to diversify its business over the past few years, Geraldine Lambe talks to Jeremy Isaacs, Lehman’s CEO of Europe and Asia, about the firm’s new focus and toeing the company line.

Research renaissance

July 2, 2004

After a heady rise to prominence, research fell from grace just as quickly. Now it is making a recovery – although, as Edward Russell-Walling reports, banks are ensuring that this time there are firm barriers between research and their other functions, such as sales.

Casino cashes in on DrKW’s novel idea

July 2, 2004

After two years in development, the fruits of DrKW’s credit bankers’ labours have finally been realised with the issue of €500m-worth of credit spread warrants for French supermarket operator Casino. Natasha de Teran talks to the team.

Rose has the measure of Green in battle for M&S

July 2, 2004

Having already dismissed out of hand two offers for the high street chain, Marks & Spencer boss Stuart Rose seems to have seen off his old rival, UK billionaire Philip Green – at least for now, says Geraldine Lambe.

OTC gets an auto-pilot

July 2, 2004

The over-the-counter derivatives market needs to achieve automation and, with this in mind, its representative body, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, has provided an estimated time of arrival. Natasha de Teran reports.

Boom talk is boring, let’s get gloomy

July 2, 2004

“In a perverse way, it would be good for the [asset backed] market to have some kind of credit event because deals are currently pricing on top of each other. No-one is taking account of structure. We should hope for some kind of limited credit event that will sharpen up our analysis again.” These strong remarks from Mike Nawas, global head of asset-backed securitisation (ABS) at ABN Amro, sum up the state of the securitisation market.

Barclays highlights prepayment fears

July 2, 2004

Bank analysts are paid to worry and so worry they do. Rob Ford, head of asset-backed trading at Barclays Capital, is concerned that prepayment risk is rising and that the impact is not being properly priced in.

Deutsche pulls out stops on Barca night

July 2, 2004

Is it time to sell when Deutsche Bank’s securitisation bosses think that a fitting thank you to their clients is to fly the UK pop group Sugababes to perform for 600 at a specially arranged dinner at a country estate outside Barcelona?

Johnny Cameron

June 2, 2004

CEO, Corporate Bank and Financial Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland
The Royal Bank of Scotland has grabbed the headlines recently for its successful forays in the US market, but the real story is the success of its overall strategy, reports Geraldine Lambe.

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