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Emerging from the shadow of the dollar

September 2, 2004

Despite being dismissed by forex traders when it was launched five years ago, last year the euro became the dominant currency in bond issuance, says Edward Russell-Walling.

James Forese

September 2, 2004

Having been present during the turbulent times in the bond market in the mid-1980s, James Forese has since switched sides and is now a major force in the equities market at Citigroup, reports Sophie Roell.

Hedge funds – the next generation

August 2, 2004

It’s not often you come across the latest trick in hedge funds while standing in line for an Easyjet flight at London’s Stansted airport. But Gulamabbas Lakha, formerly a global strategist with Baring Asset Management, and now CEO and chief investment officer of Providentia Capital, is no ordinary hedge fund manager and meeting him by accident in these unglamourous circumstances seemed fitting in retrospect.

Why SG CIB does give a fig

August 2, 2004

Also more Anglo-Saxon than French is SG CIB’s decision to have a media blitz during the summer when all good bankers – and financial journalists – should be on the beach. For this reason our columns are full of SG CIB bankers this month (see Agenda interview with CEO Jean-Pierre Mustier, p28) but since they are very fine folk, we make no apologies for accepting their hospitality.

French take leaf out of Anglo-Saxon book

August 2, 2004

Investment banks are notorious for continuously restructuring.Hardly a month goes by without one of the major houses deciding to merge two departments, create a new division or reorganise in some other way. The aim is to serve the market more efficiently but the cost can be high in terms of restructuring fatigue and low morale.

China takes first liberalisation step

August 2, 2004

New rules for trading in China’s derivatives market have provided a major attraction for foreign banks, which are preparing for the country to open up fully in 2007. Natasha de Teran reports.

Swiftness is key to Mexican deal

August 2, 2004

A close relationship and an ability to act fast when market conditions become favourable enabled Barclays Capital’s New York-based Latin American team to offer Petrotemex a range of options to refinance existing debt. Sophie Roell talks to the team.
It is a truism that timing is critical for any deal but for Latin American issuers, it is even more critical than for most. Volatility in the region is high, markets open and close quickly, and great opportunities can turn into missed chances in a matter of weeks.

Jean-Pierre Mustier

August 2, 2004

SG CIB had a good 2003 and a promising first quarter, but can it keep up the pace? The firm’s CEO tells Geraldine Lambe about the bank’s plans to do just that
Every bank has certain tenets that characterise its corporate culture. As such, SG Corporate and Investment Banking (SG CIB), the investment banking arm of French group Société Générale, could be summed up by its belief in a focused business model, the cultivation of an entrepreneurial spirit and what the bank calls a “profitable growth strategy”.

Clouds loom over horizon for emerging market bond issuers

August 2, 2004

Emerging market credits have enjoyed a financing renaissance in the international bond and loan markets in the past two years. However, the shadow of rising US interest rates and oil prices is casting a pall over emerging market bond issuance. By Joanna Hickey.

Equity derivatives market heats up

July 2, 2004

Equity derivatives have shown strong growth recently and major banks have been quick to adapt and strengthen their departments to capitalise on the boom. Natasha de Teran reports.

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