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Fuel injection

April 1, 2007

High prices and new finds mean Nigeria’s dependence on hydrocarbon exports will go on, albeit with a greater emphasis on in-house refining. John McCarthy reports.

Still on the road to better results

April 1, 2007

Bank consolidation continues and capital adequacy has improved but what is needed in the sector is a new culture that will attract new customers to boost the bottom line. Nick Kochan reports.

High hopes for a better future

April 1, 2007

Economic growth continues but so do political tensions. Much of Nigeria’s future depends on the outcome of the next presidential elections and the continuation of wide-ranging reforms, writes John McCarthy.

Trade transition

February 5, 2007

Free zones, a gleaming new Cyberpark and the prospective potential of DR-CAFTA combine to create a competitive environment that is attracting international investors and public sector funding.

Renewable windfalls

June 4, 2006

Alternative energy investment is increasingly popular with banks that are seeking to diversify their project finance portfolios. Silvia Pavoni reports.

An opportunity to gain from emissions reduction plan

April 2, 2006

Carbon emissions trading may not seem an obvious market for banks to tap, but growing numbers are doing so. And, far from being a ‘fad’, emissions trading appears to fit well into banks’ wider businesses.

The role of oil: past, present and future

January 2, 2006

Lessons from the 20th century teach the oil industry how to deal with the challenge of volatility and rising demand, says Opec president Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

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