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Reform casts a shadow

May 28, 2010

When the Lincoln Bill was passed by the US Senate Committee and sent to the House of Representatives for debate, shockwaves ran through the US financial community. If passed, it would, among other things, close access to the Federal Reserve support window or a bailout for derivatives houses. Commodity derivatives are a huge business for banks, and the potential impact on their businesses is cataclysmic. Writer Joanne Hart

Back to basics in the commodities market

May 28, 2010

Investors looking to use structured products to access the commodities markets have been forced to learn some harsh lessons in the crisis, as have the private bankers that sold them the products in the first place. Writer Charlie Corbett

Metals volatility sparks opportunity

May 28, 2010

When iron ore pricing moved in March from its historic benchmark pricing structure to the spot market, users warned that prices could double. As steel and auto companies accused mining companies of unfair pricing practices, banks moved to develop new hedging products to help them manage price volatility. Writer Suzanne Miller

Filling Asia's vacuum

May 28, 2010

As international banks have pulled back their trade and commodity finance operations in Asia during the downturn, so increasingly sophisticated local players, particularly in China, are piling in. Writer Charlie Corbett

Commodities: the industry still faces regulatory challenges

May 28, 2010

Speculative trading has been blamed for price spikes in energy and other commodities markets, but many economists point to growing demand from Asia as the real cause. Writer Geraldine Lambe

Tullow takes the fast route to Africa

March 3, 2010

Active in 23 countries, the UK’s Tullow Oil is now targeting the African market, a policy which took a huge leap  forward in January with its $1.5bn purchase of Heritage Oil’s Ugandan assets, the funds for which were raised by an accelerated bookbuild that was completed in just over a week.

Naftogaz prises open financial pipeline

December 30, 2009

The successful debt restructuring by Ukraine's gas importer has eased short-term difficulties and offered hope for better government and corporate financial management in the future. However, the country's track record of disappointment in such matters still hangs heavy. Writer Philip Alexander

Still bursting with ideas

November 27, 2009

Product innovation may have stalled under the threat of tougher regulations from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, but the major players still have plenty of good ideas to offer, writes Suzanne Miller.

Competitive natures

November 27, 2009

The competitive landscape has been redrawn by the crisis, with collapsed firms being snapped up and others retrenching. Commercial banks are taking a larger piece of the pie, writes Suzanne Miller.

Commodities: Banks brace for commodities rules

November 27, 2009

As US regulators set about tightening the rules on commodity derivatives trading, banks fear the changes may do more harm than good. Geraldine Lambe reports.

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