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Wind of change : T Boone Pickens

January 5, 2009

Oil tycoon T Boone Pickens is investing billions in building the world’s largest wind farm in Texas, which in turn will free up natural gas for transportation and reduce US reliance on oil. Interview by Karen E Thuermer.

Oil and water

November 3, 2008

The prospect of government meddling in the Tupi offshore fields has caused much alarm – but not for Petrobras, says CFO Almir Guilherme Barbassa. Writer Courtney Fingar.

Market down but not out for the count

November 3, 2008

The success of the commodities financing and investment markets have suffered setbacks as a result of the current global crisis. However, a panel of experts drawn together by The Banker believe demand is unlikely to diminish in the long term and that markets will emerge stronger – if politicians continue to back free trade.

Chemical irritant for commodities

October 5, 2008

New EU laws designed to make the chemicals industry safer are proving to be a mild irritant for commodities traders and bankers. Writer Michael Imeson.

Power perspectives

October 5, 2008

Five executives from Europe’s principle electricity suppliers forward their assessments of the global market for renewable energy. Writer Lara Williams.

Harvest for the world?

October 5, 2008

The world has yet to descend into an anarchic series of food-related riots, as some feared it might. Crop prices have eased, but this is no time for governments to rest on their laurels. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Make your market

October 5, 2008

Germany’s example shows that renewable energy markets can be created if governments actively invest in infrastructure and provide clear, long-term policies. Writer Geraldine Lambe.

Indonesia mines a rich seam

August 31, 2008

Banks in Indonesia are looking to commodity plays as inflation hinders growth in the region. Writer Simon Montlake in Jakarta.

Best of times, worst of times

August 3, 2008

With oil prices predicted to hit $200 a barrel, every bank wants a piece of the rising energy market, not least to offset shrinking revenues elsewhere. But high prices, capital constraints and competition from industrial players are putting the brakes on ambition, writes Geraldine Lambe.

Oil wealth fuels Angola resurgence

August 3, 2008

Angola’s transformation from civil-war-torn state to booming oil producer has both bankers and fuel giants taking note.

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