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Make your market

October 6, 2008

Germany’s example shows that renewable energy markets can be created if governments actively invest in infrastructure and provide clear, long-term policies. Writer Geraldine Lambe.

Indonesia mines a rich seam

September 1, 2008

Banks in Indonesia are looking to commodity plays as inflation hinders growth in the region. Writer Simon Montlake in Jakarta.

Best of times, worst of times

August 4, 2008

With oil prices predicted to hit $200 a barrel, every bank wants a piece of the rising energy market, not least to offset shrinking revenues elsewhere. But high prices, capital constraints and competition from industrial players are putting the brakes on ambition, writes Geraldine Lambe.

Oil wealth fuels Angola resurgence

August 4, 2008

Angola’s transformation from civil-war-torn state to booming oil producer has both bankers and fuel giants taking note.

Obstacles and optimism

July 1, 2008

As the rest of Africa ponders how to feed its inhabitants in the next few years, Zambia’s finance minister Ng’andu Magande tells Charlie Corbett that there is no food crisis in his country – but there are other obstacles to future prosperity.

Boomtowners look beyond borders

July 1, 2008

Kuwait’s booming economy is heavily oil dependent, but banks are beginning to look outside the country to strengthen operations and diversify their offer, Stephen Timewell reports from Kuwait.

Not immune but robust

June 2, 2008

Even Qatar’s robust project finance market has been affected by the global liquidity crunch but the market remains strong, write Kevin Godier and Jon Marks.

No sign of gas boom abating

June 2, 2008

Only a decade ago, low energy prices and rising debts suggested difficult times ahead for Qatar but now it is a global-scale player, write Eleanor Gillespie and Jon Marks.

Energy rich, cash poor

June 2, 2008

Latin America is a fertile region for renewable energy development but government support is sadly lacking. John Rumsey reports from Rio de Janeiro on how banks are getting involved in project investment.

Renewable enthusiasm

June 2, 2008

Instability in many of the regions supplying oil and gas, coupled with escalating costs in the fossil fuel market, has caused the financial markets to look towards the renewable energy sector. Business sense, as well as an environmental conscience, make this a wise move, writes Joanne Hart.

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