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A window on the financial crisis

January 2, 2008

The issue of transparency is pivotal to the present financial crisis, writes Jacques de Larosière. He shares his thoughts on the source of the crisis and what action needs to be taken to restore investor confidence.

CDO ratings hit troubled waters

January 2, 2008

Christian Stracke outlines five key areas where CDO ratings methodology – and structured finance ratings more generally – need to be improved in order to help restore confidence in the structured finance space.

Hedge funds find silver lining in subprime clouds

January 2, 2008

While the rest of the market reels from the subprime-sparked credit crunch, some specialist hedge funds which speculated on a downturn are reaping hefty returns. Silvia Pavoni looks at how they did it and where they will look next.

The slow and steady journey to success

December 1, 2007

Property derivatives have been tracking a slow, circuitous path toward the investment mainstream for almost 20 years. But with property market risk firmly on investors’ minds, they may finally be nearing their destination. Natasha de Teran investigates.

From niche to mainstream

November 5, 2007

The Islamic finance industry is rapidly evolving and expanding, with growth of banking assets estimated at $750bn and growing at a rate of 15% to 20% a year. Nabeel Shoaib explains.

A gateway to Euro markets

November 5, 2007

Gilles Denoyel, deputy CEO of HSBC France, details the advantages Paris offers over other locations including an internationally renowned school of maths and finance and its access to the Eurosystem.

savoir faire

November 5, 2007

Given the Euronext/NYSE merger, Paris now has massive economies of scale to add to its world-renowned expertise in areas including derivatives and risk-based modelling. Arnaud de Bresson explains.

Donald Donahue

November 5, 2007

The CEO of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation talks to Alan Duerden on playing the volume and innovation game.

Integrated risk strategy holds promise for shareholder value

November 5, 2007

Banks and insurers must adopt an integrated view of risk and align it with business strategy if they want to create value for shareholders. Michael Imeson summarises discussions at the second of three risk management round tables hosted by The Banker, this time in London.

Contingent credit default swaps, come on down

November 5, 2007

In bull markets it is easy to forget about counterparty credit risk, but recent turmoil has brought it to the fore and placed efficient management of such risk back on the agenda. Natasha de Terán reports.

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