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Europe gets ready to play catch-up

March 5, 2007

Commercial real estate CDOs are big business in the US, where more than 42 such deals priced last year. In Europe, just two deals have come to market so far, but expectations for the market’s growth are high. Natasha de Terán explores the potential.

A new capital markets driver

March 5, 2007

A surge in activity on the global property market has triggered growth in the globalisation of property finance and the property securities markets. Neil Tyler reports.

Gearing up for fresh snow

March 5, 2007

With company default rates at historical lows, pickings have been thin on the ground for the much-maligned distressed debt banker. But lenient lending policies to troubled firms in recent years may mean a bonanza is on its way, says Karina Robinson.

JPMorgan gets the casino ball rolling

March 5, 2007

JPMorgan’s CMBS business is booming, helped by a $960m property loan for Colony Capital’s casino assets. The team tell Kathryn Tully how they pulled off the biggest CMBS deal in the gaming industry.

Securitisation makes headway

February 5, 2007

With the relevance of developing a securitisation market in China unclear and demand in doubt, a second batch of pilots is nevertheless in the offing. Samantha Lafferty reports.

Credit environment bodes well

February 5, 2007

Russia dominated the bonds and equities scenes last year but this year there are likely to be opportunities for small corporates and second-tier banks in other CEE countries to join the fray, writes Michael Marray.

Tales of the unexpected

February 5, 2007

The credit derivatives market has expanded faster than all other over-the-counter derivatives markets but a wave of buyouts and corporate restructurings has left users struggling to come to terms with the fall-out. By Natasha de Terán.

Hot products 2007

February 5, 2007

How can investment banks hope to match last year’s stellar performance? Some say that is impossible, but Geraldine Lambe picks out the products that others believe will bring them riches.

Financial markets: reasons to be fearful

February 5, 2007

Current account imbalances, household indebtedness, large leveraged transactions in the corporate sector as well as the growth in market complexity should all be sounding alarm bells, says Mario Draghi.

East Asia revives

January 8, 2007

Loic Chiquier summarises the housing finance findings of a World Bank assessment of east Asia’s financial markets.

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