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A structured approach to FX

October 5, 2009

While investors remain cautious, Frances Maguire finds that they are looking to the foreign exchange market for its low correlation with the equity market and using structuring to access it.

Where next for the derivatives market?

September 2, 2009

The fall-out from the Lehman Brothers collapse exposed the true extent of risk in the over-the-counter derivatives market and highlighted the need for change. While there is still no clear path for the market's future, it is not too difficult to anticipate what the Obama administration has in store for the sector. Writer Janet Lewis

FX proves critical in a crisis

August 4, 2009

Rob Mandeno, global head of FX spot and e-commerce at Deutsche Bank in London

As the credit crisis took hold, foreign exchange trading, regarded as a reliable source of profit, surged in popularity among investors. Now, as trading volumes begin to return to pre-crisis levels, the inference is that confidence is slowly returning to the global economy. Writer Charlie Corbett


Towards liquidity and transparency: Entering a new world

July 7, 2009

Opacity and illiquidity have been the scourge of many an investor as the financial crisis has unfolded, and are now being heavily targeted in the regulatory counter-attack. Natasha de Terán examines how this has played to the strengths of the equity derivatives market.

What does the future hold for Structured Products?: Entering a new world

July 7, 2009

Two major banking blow outs, accusations of mis-selling and mounting counterparty risk concerns have all taken their toll on the structured products market. Natasha de Terán assesses the impact on the business and investigates how providers have responded to the challenges.

Rebuilding trust in equity markets: Entering a new world

July 7, 2009

Due to plummeting equity market values and strong risk aversion, a large swathe of the investor base is underweight in its target equity market allocations. Sooner or later – and even in the midst of continuing market uncertainty – these investors will reweight their portfolios. But what sort of product solutions are sellside firms putting on the table to encourage them back into the market?

Demand rises for the research perspective: Entering a new world

July 7, 2009

Equity derivatives research analysts, akin to their sales and trading counterparts, have their work cut out to gain exposure and generate client interest. Natasha de Terán looks at how the industry leaders are working to get noticed.


The CDS Debate: Achieving synthesis

May 5, 2009

The debate on the future regulatory oversight and infrastructure of the CDS market has raged for eight months but the industry has only recently seen some tangible developments. But as The Banker's round table revealed, this poses new questions. Writer Michelle Price

Building an alternative to hedge funds

May 5, 2009

As investors lose patience with high fees and long lock-ups at hedge funds, demand is growing for structured products to replicate their strategies. Writer Michael Marray
Yoshiki Ohmura, head of GAM Structured Investments in Zurich

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