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Helping clients to sleep at night

May 5, 2009

Mike Bussey, CEO of Arbuthnot Latham The rise of counterparty risk and volatility have fundamentally changed the attitudes of high-net-worth investors towards structured products, but most private bankers believe they still have a role to play in a well-managed portfolio. Writer Philip Alexander

The journey towards absolute return

March 10, 2009

As global market volatility reaches extreme levels and most asset classes suffer heavy losses, bankers are engaged in the arduous work of finding sharia-compliant ways to offer companies and investors some protection. Writer Philip Alexander.

Clearing up

February 2, 2009

The AIG and Lehman debacles have convinced regulators globally that a central clearing counterparty is critical for the future of the credit default swaps market. But many market participants feel that the idea is flawed. Writer Michelle Price.

Counting the cost of hedging after market shakeout

February 2, 2009

More liquid than most derivative markets, foreign exchange products still suffered in the turbulence of late 2008. But hedging exchange rate risk has never looked more important, creating growth opportunities for banks that can stay in the game. Writer Philip Alexander.

Securitisation: Laying new foundations after housing collapse

January 5, 2009

The US mortgage market was the epicentre of the earthquake that has shaken the global financial sector so badly, but finding ways to restore capital market funding for residential and commercial mortgages is crucial to reviving economic growth. Writer Philip Alexander.

Securitisation strategy rethink

December 1, 2008

Continued losses for monoline insurers on structured products mean the model may be broken for the foreseeable future. New deals can still be done, but lower leverage will be vital. Writer Philip Alexander.

Russia hears echoes of LTCM

November 3, 2008

Russian financing is one of the many areas in which banks have been left nursing losses. So how were the banks lending and how have they withstood the recent equity market rout? Writer Natasha de Terán.

Derivatives grow up fast in Brazil

August 4, 2008

After the merger of Brazil’s stock and derivatives exchanges, the country’s range of derivatives is fast expanding. John Rumsey reports.

Fragile system under pressure

July 1, 2008

An investigation into the credit default swaps market is adding to the Icelandic banking system’s woes, but banks’ soundness and international reach should help them once the storm is over, writes Silvia Pavoni.

Secrets of success in the custodian market

July 1, 2008

Alternative investments are providing both business opportunities and challenges to custodians, whose response will determine their profile in an increasingly competitive arena, Silvia Pavoni reports.

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