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Infrastructure splurge will not be blown off course

October 5, 2009

The credit crunch may delay Turkey's extensive plans to upgrade power supplies and road networks, but it has certainly not derailed them. Writer Philip Alexander

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A reliable model for a risk-averse world

August 4, 2009

Portugal's traditionally cautious approach to banking with a strong leaning towards public investment is being recognised by other countries as an effective, if temporary, approach during the current downturn. Writer Peter Wise

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Can Islamic finance plug the funding gap?

May 5, 2009

The global financial crisis has limited the finances available for major projects in the Middle East. But this could be an opportunity for Islamic financiers to come up with sharia-compliant finance to make up for the shortfall of Western funds. Writer James Gavin

Redrawing the landscape

April 7, 2009

If Western banks pull back from project finance abroad, they will leave a large funding gap. But they will also create a golden opportunity for local players to grab market share. Writer Geraldine Lambe

New horizons

March 10, 2009

Brazilian energy giant Petrobras has enjoyed solid success in recent years. With major oil and gas discoveries in the pipeline, the company is now considering new funding methods.

Shaping Portugal

March 10, 2009

The Portuguese government has reacted to public demand by instigating a raft of infrastructure projects. But what effect will the global crisis have on finance?

Hopes pinned on a new deal

March 10, 2009

While deals are still thin on the ground many project financiers are banking on governments worldwide reacting to the threat of recession by proposing major infrastructure investment. Writer Geraldine Lambe.

Right place, wrong time

November 3, 2008

Just as the banking industry’s big names turned their attention towards Guatemala, the credit crisis struck, plunging the country’s modernisation plans into jeopardy. Writer John Rumsey.

A boom at odds with world gloom

November 3, 2008

Panama has been capitalising on its prime location between the Americas to attract foreign companies, and has been ramping up its infrastructure to support growth. So how will it be affected by the global slowdown? Writer John Rumsey.

Power perspectives

October 6, 2008

Five executives from Europe’s principle electricity suppliers forward their assessments of the global market for renewable energy. Writer Lara Williams.

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