May 7, 2007


April 2, 2007

KPMG highlights the growth of China’s consumer banking markets while Mercer Oliver Wyman outlines the benefits that can be derived from Basel II implementation beyond simple regulatory compliance.


March 5, 2007

Mercer Oliver Wyman highlights the strong performance of global financial services, particularly in emerging markets, while the World Bank names and shames those individuals it has sanctioned for fraud and corruption.


February 5, 2007

IIF forecasts a fall in private capital inflows into emerging markets; the IMF assesses foreign influence on Chinese banking.

SUNGARD/TRADE TECH: Opinions vary on effects of MIFID

January 8, 2007

Sungard/Trade Tech report finds mixed views on MiFID benefits while CreditSights study reveals M&A fillip of IFRS.

Capital markets must grow

April 3, 2006

Nigeria suffers from severely underdeveloped capital markets, which must grow and deepen if its financial market as a whole is to become more efficient and banks are to thrive.

Bigger and better

April 3, 2006

Bigger banks need skilled staff as well as good governance and regulation in the tougher competitive environment. James Eedes reports on the challenges.

Shared ambition

April 3, 2006

Nigeria’s domestic banks share regional ambitions, which could be facilitated by regional integration. But they are making little headway and the political forces for union are moving at a snail’s pace, says Stuart Theobald.

New versus old

April 3, 2006

James Eedes examines how the younger, more dynamic banks line up competitively against their well-established, but antiquated, peers and finds much talk but a lack of clear strategy.

A foreign affair

April 3, 2006

Only a handful of foreign banks have a presence in Nigeria but as the its economy grows rapidly, more international banks are considering the opportunities the country offers.

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