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Executive ownership – a bad deal for ESG

December 15, 2022

Research shows that executives holding company shares are of tangible detriment to their companies’ ESG performance.

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EU anti-deforestation law considers due diligence obligations for banks

December 12, 2022

While European banks have a little more time to get their deforestation affairs in order, the wind is blowing towards requirement rather than suggestion.

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Climate finance revamp required for low-carbon transition

December 5, 2022

While progress is being made in the world’s mission to preserve the climate, a big boost in annual finance and improved standards are necessary to stay on track.

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Climate finance for net zero is still misallocated

November 30, 2022

Following the COP27 summit in Egypt, experts describe the financial infrastructure “not fit for purpose”, with developing countries at risk of being locked out of key markets. 

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Malaysian bank pioneers coal exit in Asean

November 28, 2022

While others in the region have made noises about phasing out coal, one bank has put its money where its mouth is despite the difficulties. 

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Is momentum building or diminishing on bank decarbonisation?

November 22, 2022

As the Net-Zero Banking Alliance continues to expand, lenders are caught between the urgency of the climate crisis, accusations of greenwashing, and the practical — as well as political — challenges of setting decarbonisation targets.

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Brazilian banks pledge to restore Amazon rainforest with carbon credit company

November 21, 2022

The alliance insists the move is of great ecological benefit, but historically banks have not held the agribusinesses they finance to proper account. A legislative response rather than individual efforts seems necessary.

Andrew Karp

Bank of America becoming a go-to bank for ESG financing and advisory

November 18, 2022

The bank’s head of ESG advisory and financing solutions explains why he expects no let-up in client demand for support in navigating the increasingly complex ESG landscape.

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Singapore-China green finance agreement signals regional trend

November 17, 2022

A set of new sustainable development initiatives is establishing Singapore as a green finance hub and hints at Beijing’s broader intentions in the region.

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Do customers care about the state of their bank’s poor ‘green’ perceptions?

November 11, 2022

Green perceptions appear to have little importance to customers, but in B2B it is a very different story. With this in mind, banks should hone in on other key drivers of customer brand consideration.

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