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natural disasters

How resilient is the financial system to natural disasters?

June 10, 2021

The Covid-19 crisis has reinforced the need to evaluate and address highly disruptive environmental-related events.

green banking

Bankers must pass the Carney test

June 7, 2021

Working together is key to turning banking green.

GET-ESG standards global 1500w

Sustainability reporting and trust in banks

June 3, 2021

The IFRS Foundation trustees are redefining sustainability reporting, with a focus on ‘enterprise value’ and ‘investor perspective’. Is this enough?

Elodie teaser

Shareholders’ engagement is the only way towards sustainability

May 26, 2021

Selecting ‘good’ companies shouldn't be the only option for responsible investors.

Silvia Pavoni new teaser

How to be a sustainability chief

May 21, 2021

As sustainability gets better defined within jobs and corporate structures, are banks getting it right?

deforestation in asia

Chinese banks lag peers in efforts to tackle deforestation

May 13, 2021

As leading banks sign up to global standards, China’s financial sector is conspicuously out of step.

floating solar teaser

Financing floating solar

April 28, 2021

Don’t let the opportunity for floating solar energy drift by.

women on boards

Just look at the numbers: more women means better banks

April 21, 2021

Banks ignore the positive impact of women in senior positions at their peril.


ESG disclosures of infrastructure assets fall short of EU rules

April 1, 2021

Current ESG reporting frameworks are not fit to answer the questions that need asking

Silvia teaser

Green ratios, taxonomies and ‘sexy’ accounting

April 1, 2021

The use and perils of the green asset ratio, and how sustainability is breathing new life in one of the oldest professions.

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