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Bankinter shines brightest among Spain’s banks

July 4, 2022

Spain’s banking sector is on a steady course in its recovery, but improving profitability is the biggest challenge facing Spanish lenders.

German banks in good health but face increasing competition

July 4, 2022

Germany’s biggest lenders have remained stable during the past few years, but one of the major issues the country’s banks face is increased competition from peers in the eurozone.

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Mediolanum tops performance ranking for Italian banks

July 4, 2022

Italian lenders are on track for a good recovery after being hit hard by Covid-19, but they still face several risks. 

Isbank best performer in Turkey amid challenges

July 4, 2022

The country’s banks have coped well during the pandemic, but big challenges still lie ahead.

Polish banks benefit from rising rates

July 4, 2022

A rapid economic recovery has given a boost to Poland’s banks, but a slowdown from high inflation is on the way, driving up the cost of risk for banks. 

Lloyds Bank delivers strong performance

July 4, 2022

The UK banking sector had a strong year in 2021, as the economy rebounded with impressive growth. Burhan Khadbai reports.

Digital banks make inroads in South Korea

July 4, 2022

The emerging digital banking sector in South Korea, led by KakaoBank, is racing ahead of the incumbents.

BTG Pactual keeps performance crown, while Itaú gains ground in Brazil

July 4, 2022

While Itaú Unibanco remains the largest Brazilian bank, it is the smaller BTG Pactual that outperforms its peers.

Inbursa keeps best-performing crown in Mexico

July 4, 2022

Mexico's banks have proved their resiliency, improving asset quality and profitability metrics. 

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