Summary of the Top 1000 World Banks

Brian Caplen, editor of The Banker, provides a summary of the Top 1000 World Banks Ranking results for 2015.

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    Top 1000 World Banks 2015

    Top 1000 World Banks 2015: A new global picture

    June 29, 2015

    Greece aside, European banks have sustained a recovery in their performance in the 2015 ranking. But the willingness of the largest European players to act as global banks is clearly declining and emerging market champions are not quite ready to assume the cross-border mantle just yet.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Rouble devaluation causes CEE ranking shake-up

    June 29, 2015

    Russian banks still account for the top three positions in the central and eastern European ranking, but their positions have been weakened after a tough year for the country's economy.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Tier 1 declines causes shake up in western Europe

    June 29, 2015

    HSBC remains western Europe's largest lender, but it is all change elsewhere in the ranking, as capital declines across numerous institutions causes movement among the largest lenders.

    Top 1000 World Banks – QNB narrows gap with NCB for top Middle Eastern slot

    June 29, 2015

    Gulf lenders continue to dominate The Banker's top Middle Eastern lenders ranking, but Saudi Arabia's National Commercial Bank has had its lead cut by second placed Qatar National Bank.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Asia-Pacific dips but still dominates global profit share

    June 29, 2015

    Western Europe increased its share of global banking profits in the 2015 Top 1000 World Banks ranking, but while Asia-Pacific saw its share decline slightly, it still dominates on this score.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Greater global reach for new arrivals in Top 1000

    June 29, 2015

    The new arrivals ranking shows a drop in the number of banks from China and Russia, but the global reach of the newcomers is spread wider.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Chinese banks top for net interest income

    June 29, 2015

    Chinese lenders dominate the top 20 banks by net interest income tables in 2015.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Intra-Asian economic ties spur diverse bank growth

    June 29, 2015

    Australian lenders retain their position at the top of the top 25 banks in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding China and Japan. 

    Top 1000 World Banks – China’s banks show no signs of slowdown

    June 29, 2015

    ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China are top 10 global lenders and continue to dominate the country listing.

    Top 1000 World Banks – Japanese banks struggle to grow in tough environment

    June 29, 2015

    Japan's banks continue to be affected by deflation, showing mixed results in 2015's Top 1000 World Banks ranking. 

    Top 1000 World Banks – Efficiency measure tells China's story

    June 28, 2015

    Japan’s banks are on top for efficiency, but China’s presence dominates the ranking of cost-to-income ratios. 

    Top 1000 World Banks – Asset quality problems dog European lenders

    June 29, 2015

    Asset quality at European banks is slowly improving, but the situation in countries such as Cyprus, Greece and Italy continues to cause concern.

    Top 1000 World Banks – US soars as China stays solid in highest movers ranking

    June 29, 2015

    US lenders feature at the top of the table as this year’s highest movers, while Chinese banks have increased their presence. 

    Top 1000 World Banks – Emerging markets soar in return on assets ranking

    June 29, 2015

    Emerging market banks have continued their successful streak in the ranking by returns on assets, with lenders from Mexico, Kazakhstan and Kenya all posting significant profitability ratios. 

    Top 1000 World Banks – Global decline in loan-to-deposit ratio slows

    June 29, 2015

    The global decline in loan-to-deposit ratios is slowing down, with western Europe even starting to rebound following years of deleveraging. 

    Top 1000 World Banks – The AQR effect sees Europe buck the trend

    June 26, 2015

    A rise in risk weightings in western Europe may well indicate the tougher supervision of the European Central Bank, rather than deteriorating asset quality.

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