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Banks drawn to possibilities on the Ethereum blockchain

October 22, 2021

As a decentralised open-source blockchain with smart-contract functionality, Ethereum holds enormous promise for the financial services industry.


A single global payments area – it’s complicated

October 22, 2021

Global trade, the rise of digital, and the internet have increased pressure to improve international payments. 


Innovation is a journey

October 18, 2021

ING’s chief innovation officer Annerie Vreugdenhil has had a 30-year journey of innovation without ever having to leave the bank.

fintech disruption

How fintech is ripping up the rulebook

October 18, 2021

Beyond retail banking and payments lies investment and commercial banking, the next frontier for fintechs looking to disrupt the status quo.

el salvador and bitcoin

El Salvador’s bold bitcoin experiment yet to convince banks

October 15, 2021

Bitcoin is now legal tender in the Central American nation, but banks are keen to keep cryptocurrency off their balance sheets.

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Liz Lumley 16x9

Give me Excel or give me…?

October 12, 2021

The application that wouldn’t die is still the finance industry’s go-to spreadsheet option.

banking for all

Enabling banking for all

October 1, 2021

Any form of disability can act as a barrier to accessing financial services without the right guidelines, procedures and technologies in place.

crypto and AML

Banks’ AML travails suggest a tough road ahead for cryptoassets

September 29, 2021

Time will tell as to what extent regulators impose stringent anti-money laundering requirements on cryptocurrency operations.

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Corporate Statement

Client-led digitalisation and advisory the keys to post-pandemic success

September 28, 2021

The era of digitalisation is well and truly here. Banks have been investing heavily in digital innovation for several years, to the point where digitalisation is no longer a differentiator. The devil is in the detail and the key is doing things a little differently, being a little more disruptive. At UniCredit Global Transaction Banking, we provide a comprehensive digital offering, built from the ground up for – and with – our clients, from SMEs to multinationals, to meet their Trade Finance, Cash Management and Working Capital needs. It’s an approach we've doubled down on since the pandemic accelerated the urgent need for effective digitalisation.

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Brad Levy

Placing humans at the heart of digital

September 27, 2021

Symphony Communications’ CEO Brad Levy on the importance of placing humans at the heart of digital strategies.

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