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Solving the trade finance conundrum

September 1, 2022

In the world of digitalisation, old trade issues have new consequences. What work is being done, what will a digitised trade finance ecosystem solve and what is needed for benefits to be realised? 

Transaction Banking Awards 2022

Transaction Banking Awards 2022

September 1, 2022

Banks are working towards global goals with real-time and cross-border payments, as well as digital transformation, as the world recovers from a pandemic and deals with ongoing geopolitical conflict.

Metaverse city skyline

Flurry of metaverse activity draws banks’ focus globally

August 31, 2022

Banks across the world are looking for opportunity in the metaverse, as hype builds around the new technology.

Digital bond market

Moving primary bond markets into the digital era

August 26, 2022

Incorporating digital practices into bond issuance and lifecycle management will bring many benefits, but it is a long and complex journey. However, developments in streamlining workflows and in bond tokenisation bring hope of big changes soon.

Coins on seesaw

CPMI and Iosco announce regulatory guidance for stablecoins

August 25, 2022

New guidance indicates that the stablecoin market could be maturing, but there are still unanswered questions, putting that diagnosis in doubt.

Clouds London

Banks head into the cloud

August 22, 2022

Migration to the cloud could be a huge cost-saver for banks, as well as allowing a stronger focus on customers.

Payment fraud card

A rising fraud afflicting P2P payments

August 22, 2022

Authorised push payment fraud, which can be difficult even to identify, needs to be tackled head on by banks and the wider finance industry.

Osborne Clarke Trio

How open banking has facilitated data-driven business models

August 19, 2022

Open banking offers opportunities for data-driven business models by allowing customers to share their banking data securely with third parties. The next step is unlocking customer data across the financial sector.

Andrii Hrytseniuk

Andrii Hrytseniuk: Team spirit in a war zone

August 16, 2022

The Banker's CIO of the Year, Andrii Hrytseniuk at Alfa-Bank Ukraine, talks to Liz Lumley about building teams and working from bomb shelters. 

Sustainability Wind Turbines

Point Carbon Zero: playing safe while trying to save the world

August 12, 2022

Sustainability is becoming a fintech mainstay, with initiatives launching across the globe.

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