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Moscow tests multi-service smart card for added value

January 5, 2004

The Moscow Social Card is being used as a pilot to measure the added value of dual interface smart card technology, combining credit/debit and social payments applications on a single card. Wendy Atkins reports on the scheme.

Exchanging over the counter

January 5, 2004

There are signs that volume in exchange-traded derivatives is growing faster than over-the-counter products. Frances Maguire examines the drivers behind this trend and the impact of clearing on trading in capital markets.
Standardised exchange-traded contracts have always represented the tip of the iceberg, dwarfed by the volumes carried out by banks over the counter in the form of complex, structured, customised instruments. While this is still the case and both continue to grow, a study – published by Morgan Stanley and Mercer Oliver Wyman in June 2003 – found that for the preceding 18 months, exchange-traded derivatives had grown faster than off-exchange products for the first time in a decade.

Why does the CIO have so many hats?

December 2, 2003

The role of the chief information officer has evolved to take on responsibility for many facets of a company. Parveen Bansal talks to Capital One’s Gregor Bailar about this transformation.

Not in accord

December 2, 2003

ALMA is concerned that some of the IASB’s proposals are not in line
with practice in its member banks and may be too difficult to implement.

WAP waits in the wings

December 2, 2003

Is wireless banking doomed? Not at all, says Chris Skinner. With
WAP technology expected to enjoy a resurgence and the launch of the
next generation of wireless technology, banks should soon see an upturn
in demand.

Could Europe outpace the US in the commercial paper stakes?

December 2, 2003

Mark Pelham looks at the rise of the euro commercial paper
market and whether it can sustain its phenomenal rate of growth to
challenge the dominant US market.

Europe takes pooling plunge

December 2, 2003

Firms operating across Europe are prevented from achieving the same
economies of scale as those in the US because of the multiple
jurisdictions in which they have to operate. However, the market is
gradually moving towards “domicile indifference” through pooling funds.
Frances Maguire reports.

Alignment of ‘planets’ signals an IT revolution in banking

November 3, 2003

Parveen Bansal talks to Oracle’s Andrew Derrer about the new astrology that will lead to change in IT in the financial services industry. Banks that square up to these challenges will have positive horoscopes, he predicts.

New platforms can reduce costs

November 3, 2003

Cost and business intelligence have been behind firms’ resistance to change legacy systems but, as Parveen Bansal reports, platform replacement may prove to be a cost-saving long-term option as new, cheaper alternatives are developed.

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