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Lenildo Morais

Digital front ends, analogue processes

February 25, 2022

Banks are creaking under the strain of not having end-to-end digital processes.

Péter Csányi

AI on the Danube

February 24, 2022

Péter Csányi, deputy CEO, head of the digital division at OTP Group, is making sure the bank's new supercomputer speaks Hungarian. 

bank of korea

South Korea’s banks move from the pandemic to the metaverse

February 24, 2022

South Korea’s banks have managed to hold steady through Covid-19 and are now looking to the future of digital banking. Kimberley Long reports. 

bank of cyprus

Cyprus’s banks keep calm and carry on

February 23, 2022

The country’s banking sector has shown strength and resilience by offloading problem assets during the pandemic and maintaining improved compliance and regulatory standards.

faster payments

How UK's Faster Payments changed the world

February 21, 2022

Did the UK Faster Payments Service change the world, or did the UK find itself in the fortunate position as infrastructure pioneers for our current digital age?

Lenildo Morais

Quantum will drive the future of financial services

February 18, 2022

Whoever gets into quantum computing today will set the tone in financial services tomorrow.

London tech

Fintech continues to dominate London tech scene

February 17, 2022

Investment in fintech companies increased sevenfold in 2021, contradicting findings from the independent Kalifa Review.

Vladimir Potapov

Markets will need to rethink high valuations

February 15, 2022

The CEO of VTB Capital Investments talks to Burhan Khadbai about the macroeconomic landscape, the rise of retail investing in Russia and the asset manager’s ambitions to get involved in the growing cryptocurrency market.

Constantinos Petrides Cyprus Minister of Finance

Cyprus looks to life beyond Covid

February 14, 2022

Cyprus’s finance minister talks to The Banker about how the country’s economy has coped during the pandemic and the recovery ahead. 

chris skinner 16 x 9

Are regulations the roots of innovation?

February 9, 2022

For most of my time working with banks, regulators were about clipping banks’ wings to suit the market. Today they are all about opening markets and enabling innovation.

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