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Regulation remains the biggest concern of cash management specialists

January 31, 2011

Regulation will remain at the forefront of transaction bankers' minds in the coming year, while the SEPA harmonisation in Europe will bring additional challenges. However, there is plenty of optimism about, particularly in emerging markets, a survey of senior professionals finds.

Paul Camp, managing director and global head of cash management, financial institutions, Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking

Q&A: Deutsche Bank on the future of cash management

January 6, 2011

Paul Camp, managing director and global head of cash management, financial institutions at Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking, discusses how the cash management industry is coping in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, and the trends he expects to see develop in the future. Writer John Beck


Shock absorbers

September 29, 2010

Stress testing, liquidity management and faster reporting of financial information have been hot topics in banking in recent years, but now corporates - worried about the vulnerability to potential shocks - are also becoming increasingly concerned with these issues. Writer Nik Pratt

Facing up to realities of tougher climate

September 29, 2010

Banks operating in global transaction services (GTS) are challenged by rising costs, shrinking margins and encroaching regulation. Emerging markets, and in particular Asia, are becoming increasingly important to the sector. The Banker asked leading GTS figures about their strategies for maintaining profitability and enhancing competitiveness. Edited by Anindita Ghosh

Bringing it all back home

September 29, 2010

Many corporate businesses are beefing up their treasury operations, growing less reliant on their banking partners and moving to bring more of their cash, payments and transaction services operations in house. However, banks are fighting back against this trend by updating their own offerings. Writer Nik Pratt

Technology key to GTS future

September 29, 2010

Transaction services providers are increasingly looking to technology to give them the edge in a market dogged by regulations and rising costs. John Beck reports.

cp/30/Sposito Dean.jpg

With change comes opportunity

August 30, 2010

Dean Sposito, head of cash management for financial institutions at Deutsche Bank, talks to The Banker, about the difficulties facing the cash management industry as banks cope with ever more regulation, critical technological investment, voracious competition and shrinking margins.


Delayed harmony

July 6, 2010

The realisation of the Single Euro Payments Area has been dogged by delay and now, even before SEPA Direct Debit has launched, it looks to some as though the European Commission is moving the goalposts before mandating an end-date. Frances Maguire explores whether the industry can jump this final hurdle.

Opportunity after knocks

July 6, 2010

Opportunities abound for those involved in cash management and treasury services, but banks will need to work hard to stay ahead. Writer Charlie Corbett

Rethinking intra-day cash management

March 31, 2010

The financial crisis exposed the inadequacies of industry-wide cash management operations, making the case for intra-day cash management ever-more compelling. In this round table, a range of senior industry executives discuss the challenges of shifting to a new operational model. Writer Michelle Price

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