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Guiding clients through difficult times: Cash Management

July 7, 2009

Paul Camp, global head of cash management financial institutions, global transaction banking, Deutsche Bank

Banks are under pressure to generate revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risks in the recession. At the same time, investment needs have never been higher. So which is the best way forward for banks attempting to meet client demands for cash management services?

Shifting sands: Cash Management

July 7, 2009

In these straitened times, effective cash management has rapidly become the priority for both banks and their customers, but this return to so-called back-to-basics banking is anything but basic. This guide charts the changing cash management landscape and how banks can navigate it in order to come out on top when the global economic downturn subsides. Writer Charlie Corbett

Cash management: Clients and the crisis

May 5, 2009

In the fourth of The Banker's Masterclass series, Deutsche Bank's head of cash management, financial institutions, for Germany, Austria and central Europe, Dean Sposito, and Deutsche Bank's head of cash management, financial institutions, for northern Europe, Matt Tuck, talk about how they are helping their clients to navigate the crisis and position themselves for a potential upturn. Writer Charlie Corbett

Dean Sposito, Head of cash management, financial institutions, for Germany, Austria, Central Europe, Deutsche Bank

Treasurers in the spotlight

February 2, 2009

With company insolvencies set to hit epidemic proportions in 2009, all eyes are on corporate treasurers to guide their businesses through the turmoil. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Calm amid the storm

February 2, 2009

Not every banker is staring into the abyss of 2009 with frozen horror; those involved in transaction services realise their skills are needed more than ever. The heads of transaction banking across some of the industry’s major players offer their predictions for 2009. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Cash management moves centre stage in 2009

January 5, 2009

It has been an unprecedented year for the world’s banking industry. Once seen as the drivers of economic growth and prosperity, bankers are regarded by many as pariahs. This image is unfair. The collapse of confidence in the credit markets was driven by the recklessness of a few, but the impact of their actions has sent shock waves across the industry. Cash has become king and, increasingly, banks are looking towards their transaction services teams to drive revenue in 2009. Paul Camp, head of cash management for financial institutions at Deutsche Bank, talks about cash management’s evolution in 2009.

Unblocking the arteries of trade

December 1, 2008

Global trade flows have ground to a shuddering halt, due in part to a fundamental lack of trust between buyers, their suppliers and the banks that finance them. Could supply chain finance provide the solution? Writer Charlie Corbett.

Small is beautiful

November 3, 2008

As the world’s banking behemoths battle it out to grab market share from the growing band of corporate giants in Asia, they could be overlooking the real opportunity on the continent. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Sibos debates the big issues

September 1, 2008

The Single Euro Payments Area, MiFID, the Target 2 Securities initiative and the Thomson-Reuters megamerger are among the hot topics at this year’s SIBOS.

Cash management in the spotlight in turbulent times

June 2, 2008

As the effects of the credit crisis continue to reverberate around the world there is an increased reliance on transaction banking to add value and deliver greater operational efficiency across the industry. For corporates, freeing up trapped liquidity in the supply chain and having the right technology and the right banking relationship is crucial to achieving this enhanced efficiency. This debate is sponsored by Citi but independently edited and written.

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