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Cash management moves centre stage in 2009

January 5, 2009

It has been an unprecedented year for the world’s banking industry. Once seen as the drivers of economic growth and prosperity, bankers are regarded by many as pariahs. This image is unfair. The collapse of confidence in the credit markets was driven by the recklessness of a few, but the impact of their actions has sent shock waves across the industry. Cash has become king and, increasingly, banks are looking towards their transaction services teams to drive revenue in 2009. Paul Camp, head of cash management for financial institutions at Deutsche Bank, talks about cash management’s evolution in 2009.

Unblocking the arteries of trade

December 1, 2008

Global trade flows have ground to a shuddering halt, due in part to a fundamental lack of trust between buyers, their suppliers and the banks that finance them. Could supply chain finance provide the solution? Writer Charlie Corbett.

Small is beautiful

November 3, 2008

As the world’s banking behemoths battle it out to grab market share from the growing band of corporate giants in Asia, they could be overlooking the real opportunity on the continent. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Sibos debates the big issues

August 31, 2008

The Single Euro Payments Area, MiFID, the Target 2 Securities initiative and the Thomson-Reuters megamerger are among the hot topics at this year’s SIBOS.

Cash management in the spotlight in turbulent times

June 1, 2008

As the effects of the credit crisis continue to reverberate around the world there is an increased reliance on transaction banking to add value and deliver greater operational efficiency across the industry. For corporates, freeing up trapped liquidity in the supply chain and having the right technology and the right banking relationship is crucial to achieving this enhanced efficiency. This debate is sponsored by Citi but independently edited and written.

Sepa takes first tentative steps

April 6, 2008

Sepa, the European Commission’s plan to create a domestic environment for euro payments, has launched. However, as Frances Maguire reports, the process has just begun on what will be a very long journey.

Sepa is not final word on liquidity

September 30, 2007

Having fewer bank accounts in Europe post-Sepa will enable corporates to pool funds more effectively but, as Frances Maguire reports, liquidity management solutions will still be needed.

A new dawn for online services

September 30, 2007

In an age when many people travel for work and leisure, demand is high for 24-hour banking services that are accessible across the world.
A new browser-based tool could fit the bill, offering clients round-the-clock online access to real-time information.

The third way

September 30, 2007

When it comes to payment infrastructure, it is no longer just a case of build versus buy. Partnering becomes an increasingly attractive alternative presenting tremendous value for financial institutions, says Colin Digby.

Will cash be king again?

September 30, 2007

The US subprime crisis ended one of the biggest bull markets to date but will it cause corporates to revert back to cash? Frances Maguire reports.

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