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Automation lifts east EU

September 5, 2005

Eastern European countries that are joining the EU at this stage have the advantage of having the latest banking transaction technologies already in place. Heather McKenzie reports.

Global-scale operations

September 5, 2005

In the world of payments and cash management, there are three elements spurring on change: regulation, technology and customer requirements. Cath Henry explains how these elements are operating in the face of that relentless march towards globalisation.

Outsourcing dilemmas

September 5, 2005

Any combination of factors will be considered before a financial institution makes the decision to outsource, says Heather McKenzie. But cost and efficiency are basic requirements.
When it comes to outsourcing, definitions are as varied as the deals that are done. The simplest definition is the handing over of processes for a third party to run.

Hurdles for the next big idea in retail

January 3, 2005

Retail investors are crying out for better yielding investments and bankers are rushing to design structured credit-based solutions in answer to their demands. But are retail markets ready for them? Natasha de Teran reports.
Strict regulations and desultory market conditions have tested banks’ ability to develop and deliver attractive products for retail investors. Years of lacklustre performance have driven the consumer end of the market away from traditional equity markets towards evermore diversified investments, and bankers have rushed to develop new products to attract them, based on commodity, rate and other multi-asset pay-offs.

New routes via the web

October 4, 2004

In recent years, most innovation in cash management has been in online banking, driven by telecommunications and desktop computing technologies, says Lakshmi Balasubramanian of Infosys.

Value for money

October 4, 2004

As companies dealing in cash management come under greater scrutiny from the new IAS 39 accounting standard, the fundamental issue for them will be fair valuation of their assets, and whether to put them on balance sheet, writes Jules Stewart.

Rise of the dragon

October 4, 2004

With its voracious appetite for raw materials and a shift in focus towards high value goods production, China is emerging as a trade giant. Bruce Alter, Aster Saleh and Zeno Chow examine how banks can participate in the country’s phenomenal growth by facilitating import-export flows.

The outsource option

October 4, 2004

As corporate treasuries face an increasingly competitive global market place, outsourcing some of their functions is becoming a hot topic, writes Jules Stewart.

Is your relationship the right fit?

October 4, 2004

In Deutsche Bank’s latest article on cash management consolidation, Bernd Friederichs and Paul Camp look at how relationships between banks are evolving into strategic service partnerships and the key questions regional banks should ask to leverage a buyer’s market.

The race is on

October 4, 2004

Competition has been heating up among major cash management providers as they scramble to win mandates from both corporations and financial institutions,writes Jules Stewart.

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