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Non-banks lead the way

June 2, 2008

Payments experts believe that most of the firms that will lead innovation on payments are brand new businesses that are not in the financial services industry. 

The patterns of human nature

May 5, 2008

In the financial markets, there seems to be a repeating pattern of related crises and business collapses every decade or so. Could it be because lessons are not being learned from past mistakes? By Chris Skinner.

Firewalls hinder progress

April 7, 2008

Some banks are making efforts to engage with people through virtual worlds and social networks on the internet but their knowledge of this area is still limited – and being excluded by corporate firewalls does not help, writes Chris Skinner.

Remove brain before work

March 4, 2008

A recent encounter with a business banker proved that, as far as financial services are concerned, the days of human relationships and judgement calls are over. The computerised process is king. By Chris Skinner.

Fundamentally flawed thinking

February 4, 2008

It is high time that retail banks stopped thinking of electronic channels as extensions of the branch and started thinking about the electronic structure as the foundation upon which all the channels, including the branch, are built. By Chris Skinner.

Why mobile banking is doomed

December 1, 2007

If banks really do want to resuscitate personal mobile banking – and they’re spending huge sums doing so – they should look to the internet-based web service to prevent customer angst at the sky-high mobile phone charges. By Chris Skinner.

The science of buyology

November 5, 2007

Although biology is a well-known science, there is a lesser-known science with the a deceptively similar name: buyology. I created this science for banks to deal with the new world of ‘freakonomics’, where everyone is struggling to understand the methods to get customers buying and, in its purest form, buyology is defined as: the science of understanding business relationships.

Subprimers’ short memories

October 1, 2007

The lessons of the losses experienced by Lloyd’s of London in the 1980s were overlooked by banks embroiled in the subprime crisis, who recklessly issued vast amounts of collateralised debt obligations. By Chris Skinner.

CROs and CIOs are the same

August 1, 2007

Chief information officers complain that no one else in the business, least of all CEOs, realises that information is a core risk for a bank and must be managed. The best way is with the co-operation of the chief risk officer, says Chris Skinner.

The Long Tail of banking

July 4, 2007

Last year, there was a big buzz about a book by Chris Anderson called The Long Tail, which describes the phenomenon of internet retailing. The concept is that traditional shops have a physical limit on shelf capacity so, for example, a music store can only stock as many titles as its physical space allows.

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