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Protection from prying eyes

April 2, 2007

The inexorable advances in storage capacity of simple-to-use USB devices makes bank databases increasingly vulnerable, and internal firewalls as well as devicewalls increasingly necessary.By Chris Skinner.

The march of the automatons

March 5, 2007

The drive for achieving ever-faster trade execution speeds in capital markets means that any glitch, gremlin or gulp will lead to serious consequences in terms of lost business and margin erosion. This makes the technologist’s role ever more vital. By Chris Skinner.

The invisible revolution cometh

February 5, 2007

According to a report by the Pelorus Group, payment volumes for contactless, mobile and biometric payments will rise to $400bn by 2011 from today’s measly $27bn. This misses the real point, which is that traditional payment mechanisms are rapidly becoming obsolete.

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