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SEB encourages great minds to think differently

SEB encourages great minds to think differently

September 2, 2013

Lars Millberg, head of transaction banking at SEB's merchant banking division, discusses the importance of innovation, and describes the bank's unique approach to encouraging out-of-the-box thinking among its employees.

Stop talking about big data

September 2, 2013

All the talk surrounding big data is getting old; it is time for companies to step up and show what they can actually do with it.

Why banks must learn to stop worrying and love Facebook

July 1, 2013

Facebook, often seen as an inconvenience at best by banks, and a bogeyman at worst, is finally being embraced by a handful of lenders, with India's ICICI leading the way.

Legacy systems leave banks locked in the past

June 3, 2013

Banks are now being held back by the systems that once underpinned their business. But how can they make the transition to a model that serves the customer of today and tomorrow?

A visual vision of banking's future

May 1, 2013

The technology is in place for financial institutions to use remote visual banking, but the appetite is not. Yet.

Digital social hubs are the future of lending

April 2, 2013

Digital social platforms are emerging in nearly every sector of the banking industry, driving innovation and popularising the concept of the socialisation of finance.

The banking world's role in the Internet of Everything

March 1, 2013

As the 'Internet of Everything' comes ever closer to becoming a reality, with the potential to change day-to-day life for consumers everywhere, banks need to be able to step up to the challenge of processing the billions of tiny transactions that will be involved and harness the data they generate. 

Destroy the bank before the bank destroys you

February 1, 2013

Businesses that fail to innovate will get swallowed by the ones that do and banks that ignore customer demand for online offerings do so at their own peril. 

Is banking on the right track or about to go off the rails?

January 2, 2013

The traditional banking structure is an invitation to change, says Chris Skinner, as the world awaits the game-changing initiatives that will see us all transacting differently 10 years from now.

Banks ignore big data at their peril

December 3, 2012

Big data has the potential to revolutionise banks’ understanding of their customer base, allowing them to target individual business needs. But are banks ready for this new internet age? 

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