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The hurdles ahead for open finance in the UK

September 16, 2021

As the OBIE seeks to widen the initiative to include ‘open finance’, it is important to consider the dangers and drawbacks.

digital decarbonisation

Decarbonisation: is digital transformation a double-edged sword?

September 15, 2021

Digital transformation is helping financial institutions address the challenge of decarbonisation, but transformational technologies bring carbon emissions of their own.

digital and green

How digital and green come together to change the world

September 13, 2021

Remote sensing and artificial intelligence, combined with blockchain technology, could help more accurately measure and manage sustainability-related risks.

digital ruble

Russian banks should prepare for digital rouble disruption

September 2, 2021

As the country's central bank plans its central bank digital currency pilot, banks are concerned its introduction could cause funding costs to rise.

europe and tech

Tech is global, banking is domestic

August 9, 2021

The regulatory burden has forced banks to stay local, while tech platforms with global ambitions have flourished. But is this about to change?

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Forget open banking — it’s all about open commerce

July 23, 2021

Banks need to rethink their positions in the whole customer supply and value chain. 

digital advertising

The growth of digital advertising in banking

July 14, 2021

As banks use data matching, influencers and targeted advertising, what are the legal and commercial practicalities?

bicoin culture clash

Crypto: a clash of cultures

June 30, 2021

As a decentralised ledger, blockchain may operate across cultures. But different cultures have different philosophies as to how things should be regulated.

digital ID

Digital ID has a vital role to play in banking

June 24, 2021

Banks must handle vast amounts of personal data to comply with regulations, and a high level of trust is needed to protect customers.

fintech SME data

How fintechs help SMEs to grow in exchange for data

June 9, 2021

Fintech providers are using API-based data exchanges to build products specifically focused on the needs of small businesses.

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