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Missing a trick

February 1, 2010

Attitudes towards the global remittance industry are being transformed. Once dismissed as low margin and risky, many banks are now waking up to the opportunities that a market worth over $300bn annually can offer in straitened times.

The changing of migrant remittances

February 1, 2010

The traditional stereotype of the migrant remitter has become outdated as the  thoroughly modern, mobile migrant demands ever increasing services and could present big opportunities for banks.

The world takes note of Brazil's payment system

December 30, 2009

Brazil's past battles with hyperinflation have left the legacy of a payment system whose efficiency assists its economy's stability to such an extent that it has garnered a host of global admirers. Writer John Rumsey

Reducing the likelihood and impact of currency crises

December 30, 2009

The renewed currency volatility of the past year has received attention from banks, international organisations, governments and researchers, mindful of the Asian currency crisis of 1997/98. Commentators have discussed alleged causes, including systemic deficiencies, shortcomings of debtor nations and culpably soft attitudes by lenders.

A structured approach to FX

October 5, 2009

While investors remain cautious, Frances Maguire finds that they are looking to the foreign exchange market for its low correlation with the equity market and using structuring to access it.

The FX factor

October 5, 2009

FX prime brokerage is a mysterious financial service. Natasha de TerĂ¡n talks to experts in the field to clarify exactly what it is, its place within a bank's portfolio, and what it can offer clients.

Crisis shakes up the competitive landscape

October 5, 2009

While damaged counterparty status has driven some banks back from the foreign exchange market, those with healthier balance sheets are expanding their offering. Philip Alexander reports.

Moving beyond cash in Africa

September 2, 2009

Even though the majority of sub-Saharan countries are cash-driven, a string of initiatives are being rolled out across the region to take bank notes out of transactions where possible. Telcos, financial companies and reforms by the central banks are leading the way in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. Writer Wendy Atkins

FX proves critical in a crisis

August 4, 2009

Rob Mandeno, global head of FX spot and e-commerce at Deutsche Bank in London

As the credit crisis took hold, foreign exchange trading, regarded as a reliable source of profit, surged in popularity among investors. Now, as trading volumes begin to return to pre-crisis levels, the inference is that confidence is slowly returning to the global economy. Writer Charlie Corbett

The high price of payments

June 4, 2009

The global recession has elevated payments processing to near the top of bank chiefs' priority lists, but the industry is going through a fundamental structural change that could lead to a slump in revenues and soaring business costs. Writer Charlie Corbett

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