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Delivered, developed or dreamed, AI must take account of the EU’s latest law

February 23, 2023

Artificial intelligence has long been a board-level conversation for banks, but when the EU approves its AI Act this year, it will become an issue.

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Women in Fintech: How can fintechs stay afloat in troubled waters?

February 23, 2023

In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8, The Banker has brought together six female CEOs from the fintech world to discuss the current challenging operating environment and how they plan to expand their business in 2023.

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Fintech Fortnightly – February 22, 2023

February 22, 2023

Every fortnight, The Banker showcases interesting insights from the world of fintech that caught our eye.

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The criticality of time as a measurable asset

February 14, 2023

While time has always been important in trading, tracking it to within that last nanosecond is now more important than ever.

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Fintech Fortnightly – February 8, 2023

February 8, 2023

Every fortnight, The Banker will showcase interesting insights from the world of ‘fintech’ that caught our eye. 

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How fintech regulators can get ready for Gen Z

January 18, 2023

In the fast-paced world of fintech, it seems regulators are always playing catch-up. To get ahead of the game, what factors should they focus on as the next generation enters the world of financial services?

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Banks need to be ready for hybrid money

January 11, 2023

A global network of mobile and internet platforms demands a global currency, but what will this future currency look like?

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NFT market parallels aid understanding of traditional counterpart

December 21, 2022

Comparisons between traditional and NFT art markets show resemblances that allow for a closer examination of behavioural finance, among others.

Bitcoin lock with SEBA CEO

Crypto needs a bank as a middleman

December 21, 2022

The CEO of Seba Bank in Switzerland talks to Anita Hawser about crypto’s 'annus horribilis' and the FTX collapse.

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Hope for fintech start-ups hampered by payment charges

December 20, 2022

An investigation into allegedly unfair interchange fees charged by the two main card providers in the UK has been launched with a focus on driving down costs that are stifling the innovation of fintech start-ups.

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