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mobile banking app

Banking apps may pose underlying cyber risks

April 23, 2021

Almost nine out of 10 banking apps possess at least one vulnerability which could be exploited, according to study.

AI risks

US agencies probe banks over artificial intelligence risks

April 15, 2021

Federal regulators seeking details about how tech is employed in fraud prevention and credit underwriting.

uk digital london

The radical restructuring to be digital

April 15, 2021

During the past year, the world has witnessed a sea-change in banks’ approach to both cloud and cryptocurrencies. 

ruth wandhofer

Adding modern ‘tech’ to the ‘fin’

April 15, 2021

A true polymath, Ruth Wandhöfer applies her vast knowledge of payments and regulation in many arenas. 

cloud framework

Does the regulatory framework support banks’ cloud push?

April 14, 2021

Cloud services rely on shared infrastructure, creating tension between banks and service providers.

ATM out of order

What does cashless really mean?

April 1, 2021

Mass shift to digital financial services during Covid-19 has called into question the longevity of ATMs and branches.

tinkoff office

Russia's Tinkoff builds out its AI strategy

March 30, 2021

New breed of bank identifies as a tech firm with a banking licence, explains director of strategy.

gig economy

Digital boom driving ‘high-end gig economy jobs’ shift

March 10, 2021

Digital transition creating surge in well-paid short-term project roles in financial services sector.

AI and big data

Can AI bridge gap between big data and sustainable financing?

March 5, 2021

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day and effective processing can help ESG investors become more objective.

open banking

Open banking uptake ‘set to surge’

March 3, 2021

Almost half of 300 global banking executives who responded to a recent survey plan to transform business models into digital ecosystems.

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