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HSBC aims to answer the corporates’ ‘desperate cry’

August 1, 2005

Marcus Treacher of HSBC tells Dan Barnes about the rationale for its technology strategy and why banks that can think like treasurers and CFOs will beat the competition.
The tech vision of Marcus Treacher, head of global transaction banking e-Strategy at HSBC, is firmly rooted in using the SWIFT network and the ‘value added’ services that can be provided to customers.

How to cut structural expense

July 4, 2005

To earn $1, diversified banks spend about 60 cents. A convoluted set of financial services processes, fragmented systems and legacy interfaces affect structural expense. Continual processing and system errors cause frequent rework and ineffective controls.

ID parade of card-killers

July 4, 2005

Technological developments herald the death of plastic as customers can now be identified via biometrics – or chips in their clothing before they have even entered the bank. By Chris Skinner.

Banks use their connections

July 4, 2005

Applications can now be built from components that can be recycled and reused. Dan Barnes reports on how banks are reducing the need to design systems from scratch.
It seems that every three letter abbreviation – or TLA – heralds the next big thing (or NBT) in information communications technology (or ICT). The latest push from technology providers’ marketing departments is service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Tech strategies for Caixa Galicia’s big switch-over

July 4, 2005

To make the radical change from selling products to services, Jose Valino, CIO at Spanish savings bank Caixa Galicia, uses consultants wisely and co-operates with other banks on technology development. He tells Dan Barnes about bridging the gap between the business and IT departments and helping customers to understand the new systems.

Slashing the cost of procurement

July 4, 2005

Wendy Atkins looks at how credit cards can help both governments and corporations to save money and time, while keeping tabs on overall spending in a transparent, auditable way.

Spending on CRM continues

June 6, 2005

Financial services institutions embraced customer knowledge technologies in the mid-1990s. Customer relationship management (CRM) is more than a technology. It is a very specific business strategy that seeks to identify customers individually and then craft sales and service strategies that are uniquely appropriate for each customer.

Don’t let terminology blind you

June 6, 2005

On the surface, the investment banking and technology markets have little in common but both have complex terminologies that few people outside the industry understand. In the investment community, you have things Greek, like NOSTRO, SPEs and so on. Technology has an equally complicated array of terminology and three that are worth being aware of are Wiki, SOA and XML.

The next retail revolution will be on a screen near you

June 6, 2005

Self-service banking means more than withdrawing cash. Stephen Timewell talks to bankers about the future of the ATM – its potential as a promotional device and use via mobile phone and the internet.

Internet site launched to beat ID fraudsters

June 6, 2005

Identity fraud is on the rise, but financial institutions are fighting back with a joint initiative designed to highlight the problem and improve staff training. Michael Imeson reports.

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