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Once more, with feeling

June 2, 2004

Banks that solely implement customer relationship management at an internal sales management level rather than for improving customer service are missing the point, says Chris Skinner.

Improving efficiency ratios

June 2, 2004

The comparative performance of US and international banks during 2003 reveals a drive to increase revenues. Many are operating in a cost-containment mode but some have started to invest in customer-oriented technologies that help to grow their businesses organically.

Adapting to change is key

May 3, 2004

Parveen Bansal talks to Bertrand Lavayssičre, head of Capgemini’s Global Financial Services Sector and managing director of Financial Services North American Region.
Speaking with extensive experience on consulting and IT in financial services, Bertrand Lavayssičre shares Capgemini’s view on the main issues in the financial services industry and their possible solutions. He highlights three key issues that continue to plague retail banks: creating customer loyalty, integrating different channels and, in particular, the need to reduce back office costs.

Semblance of order amid the chaos

May 3, 2004

An improbable mix of coincidence, personal ingenuity and innovative technology gave Iraq a sorely needed payments system.

Asset management mindset is valuable

May 3, 2004

The progression towards commercial banks marking their loans to market seems almost inevitable, says Sophie Roell in New York. A new tool from Moody’s KMV can help banks to price loans and, more importantly, could help them with value management.

Regulatory strategy is sadly lacking

May 3, 2004

Few institutions are able to implement strategic programmes for dealing with new regulatory and governance regimes and this has a greater negative impact on smaller organisations, says Anthony Gandy.

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