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Alignment of ‘planets’ signals an IT revolution in banking

November 3, 2003

Parveen Bansal talks to Oracle’s Andrew Derrer about the new astrology that will lead to change in IT in the financial services industry. Banks that square up to these challenges will have positive horoscopes, he predicts.

New platforms can reduce costs

November 3, 2003

Cost and business intelligence have been behind firms’ resistance to change legacy systems but, as Parveen Bansal reports, platform replacement may prove to be a cost-saving long-term option as new, cheaper alternatives are developed.

Bank break-up

November 3, 2003

Banks are busy deconstructing in the face of competition, outsourcing key processes in the search for higher efficiency and lower costs.
Chris Skinner wonders whether they will end up becoming shells of their former selves.

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