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Basel III reshapes trade finance

Basel III reshapes trade finance

March 1, 2013

As Basel III regulations come into play, banks looking for a quick fix to bulky balance sheets are divesting their trade finance assets, creating a gap in the market that investor groups and other alternative financiers are keen to fill.

Finding a global transaction banking niche

March 1, 2013

A focus on individual key strengths, both in terms of products and geographical footprint, is the driving force behind big banks’ global transaction banking business strategies as they search for a unique selling point in an increasingly competitive market.

South-south trade

Asia and Latin America: a special relationship in the making?

November 1, 2012

With advanced economies still languishing in the doldrums, trade between Asia and Latin America is driving global economic growth, and it appears that this blossoming relationship is mutually beneficial. However, could protectionist policies in Latin America dampen this ardour?

Rescuing Asian trade TEASER

After Europe's withdrawal: the reshaping of Asian trade finance

October 1, 2012

The effects of the European retreat from trade finance in Asia are now apparent as a number of players are stepping in and new trade patterns are taking shape. 

Trade finance brazil

European exits leave Latam trade financing gaps to be filled

April 2, 2012

As Europe's banks come to terms with the economic impact of Basel III's rules on capital requirements, their demand for trade finance deals in Latin America through the International Finance Corporation has waned. But this leaves the door open to North American and Asian banks looking to increase their presence in the region.

Right place right time

Singapore's standing as GTS hub goes from strength to strength

March 1, 2012

Singapore’s strategic location in Asia is proving a boon to the city state’s transaction bankers, particularly as they seek to capture banking business from the world’s changing trade flows.

Transaction banking braced for a year of further consolidation

February 1, 2012

Faced with a mass of regulatory reform and the ill-effects of the sovereign debt crisis, transaction banking is set for more change. And despite the emergence of new competitors, the competitive landscape is contracting thanks to global consolidation. The Banker speaks to some of the world's leading transaction bankers about their strategies for the coming year and beyond.

trade finance

Trade finance blown off course

December 23, 2010

Industry experts are concerned that impending regulation will obstruct the route to global recovery unless it is modified to make allowances for trade financing. Writer John Beck

Trade finance banks say Basel III will damage world trade

November 24, 2010

International business will become significantly more expensive if the impending Basel III regime does not make allowances for trade finance, bankers fear.

Hitting the wrong target

September 29, 2010

The new regulations designed to tame the world's banks and mend the post-crisis financial system are panning out with unintended consequences which threaten to hit the private sector where it hurts most. Michelle Price reports.

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