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Collaring market villains

September 3, 2007

With increased competition, fragmentation and diversity in asset classes, the job of exchanges and regulators around the world in surveying their markets is becoming increasingly difficult. Serious investment is required to stay ahead of the fraudsters. Alan Duerden explains.

A foundation built on security

September 3, 2007

Alan Duerden speaks to Mike Lazaridis on the accountability, back-up and security capabilities incorporated into the latest generation of BlackBerry smartphones targeted at the small and medium-sized office.

Getting on with the neighbours

September 3, 2007

Stephen Timewell reports on the fruits of a new found spirit of co-operation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dampened growth in the property fund market

September 3, 2007

To realise their potential, Japanese real estate investment trusts need both consolidation and to be granted a freer hand by regulators, says Charles Smith.

The quiet success story

September 3, 2007

Under the oversight of the central bank, Armenia has boomed and now foreign banks are circling for a piece of the action. Ben Aris reports.

Plenty of room for derivativesin project finance space

September 3, 2007

Large numbers of energy and infrastructure projects across the globe have been funded through the use of project finance, opening up established and emerging economies to new forms of economic growth. Banks compete fiercely to fund these deals, but face a host of complex risks. Natasha de Terán explores how they manage them.

CZARs chew over coming clean

September 3, 2007

While some eastern European mega companies are improving corporate governance and listing abroad, others are moving back closer to the state. Ben Aris explains.

The City makes a head startfor hub status

September 3, 2007

The market for Islamic banking is forecast to grow at double the rate that conventional wholesale banking will grow in the next five years. Unsurprisingly, banking centres around the world are scrambling to establish footprints in the market. Natasha de Terán investigates how London is positioned.

In search of the right recipe

September 3, 2007

Banks are trying to open up the bond markets in sub-Saharan Africa and one idea being floated is for governments to work together to raise multi-issuer bonds. But are the IMF and aid donors standing in the way of the markets’ development? By Nigel Dudley.

Public versus private equity markets

September 3, 2007

Is the growth of private placements at the expense of public equity offerings in the US a temporary phenomenon or does it signal a more significant shift away from public scrutiny? And, asks Geraldine Lambe, will it undermine the listed market?

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