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All tagged up for algorithmic trading

August 1, 2007

News providers now have products that allow algorithms to track specific news events and interpret them. Alan Duerden assesses the virtues of these ‘tagged’ news feeds and investigates their benefits for traders.

David Lester

August 1, 2007

The chief information officer of the London Stock Exchange discusses its new core trading system, TradElect, with Alan Duerden.

Another challenger ahoy!

August 1, 2007

The US and European stock exchanges have long dealt with competition from alternative trading systems, but with the challenge from Project Turquoise, is this trend likely to go global? Frances Maguire reports.

China cuts out the middleman

August 1, 2007

By negotiating directly with Africa, China is changing the rules on commodity trading, writes Martyn Davies.

Bond markets walk tall

July 4, 2007

Primary and secondary Nigerian government bond markets are undergoing structural change with bond indices serving as economic benchmarks. Nick Kochan and Dapo Olagunjo explain.

Lost in transcription

July 4, 2007

Despite huge technological advances, firms still issue clunky, non-standardised activity announcements – that can be misinterpreted. Frances Maguire assesses the industry’s attempts to automate the process.

Catering to an appetite for instant gratification

July 4, 2007

With FXMarketSpace, Reuters and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are targeting traders’ need for instantaneous execution and clearing. Mark Pelham reports on the further opening of the FX market.

Tight window of opportunity

July 4, 2007

A consortium including Goldman Sachs won the mandate for a strategic review and IPO execution for Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank. A tight schedule for US distribution and a political/religious row that spilled volatility into the Istanbul stock market failed to derail the sale. Edward Russell-Walling reports.

Cities of gold

July 4, 2007

What makes a successful international financial centre? Michael Imeson reports on the imperfect art of ascertaining which world city is truly the greatest.

Derivatives drive exchange mergers

July 2, 2007

Record growth in derivatives business is driving a wave of mergers between exchanges, which are keen to get in on a burgeoning market. Edward Russell-Walling reports.

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