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New shoots in the listings business

March 3, 2010

Larry Tabb, CEO of capital markets analyst firm Tabb Group

BATS Exchange's move into the US listings business in December signals growing competition in this space. But can high-tech upstart trading venues hope to make inroads into the high-touch listings business? Writer Michelle Price


Asia-Pacific: The next trading battleground

February 1, 2010

Tokyo's new arrowhead trading system is among a raft of high-performance upgrades to be launched across Asia-Pacific trading venues, bringing them up to speed with their US and European competitors. Writer Elton Cane


Trading: So who is afraid of the flash trade?

November 27, 2009

It seems that many are. This summer has seen both BATS and Nasdaq launch flash order programs, but was this an attempt to compete with Direct Edge - which has been successfully using the controversial program since 2006 - or did the rival exchanges simply want to force the hand of the regulators? Writer Michelle Price

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Sowing the seeds of competitive trading in Asia

October 28, 2009

The roll-out of the hyper-fast Chi-X alternative trading platform across the Asia-Pacific region and a shake-up in supervision in Australia signal the makings of a more competitive pan-Asian market. Writer Michelle Price

Testing times for equity exchanges

September 1, 2009

On the surface, it may seem that the EU's 2007 MiFID legislation, which aimed to create a pan-European investment market on a level playing field, has changed little. However, a closer analysis reveals an industry in the process of change, as new upstarts make inroads and traditional exchanges respond with new technology. Writer Chris Skinner

All eyes on Copenhagen

August 3, 2009

The world is waiting with anticipation for the December climate summit in Copenhagen, where the world's biggest polluters, the US and China, are expected to announce proposals that could significantly reduce global emissions. Writer Hamish Risk

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A rethink on risk management

August 3, 2009

Murky times: uncertainty over oil prices is causing concern that the risk management practices of energy traders are insufficient

The fluctuating energy prices over the past year have caused problems for financial and non-financial energy trading firms alike, leading to a greater focus on their risk management practices. Writer Michelle Price

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Trading rivalry intensifies in India

July 6, 2009

India's leading exchange, the NSE, faces new competition as the MCX-SX plans to enter the equities trading arena. Yet the battle is broadly welcomed by the country's banking industry, which anticipates it will bring the product innovation needed to strengthen the sector on a global level. Writer Rekha Menon

Prop and impropriety

June 3, 2009

Since unfettered risk taking has been roundly criticised for its role in the financial crisis, many may be surprised that at some banks, prop trading is right back in the mix. What role will proprietary trading play in the new model bank? Writer Michelle Price


The CDS Debate: Achieving synthesis

May 4, 2009

The debate on the future regulatory oversight and infrastructure of the CDS market has raged for eight months but the industry has only recently seen some tangible developments. But as The Banker's round table revealed, this poses new questions. Writer Michelle Price

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