In The Banker Masterclass video series we explore the steps being taken by incumbent banks to meet the needs of their customers in a digital age and against the backdrop of a global health crisis.

    Banks are re-thinking the value of digital financial infrastructure as they contend with a more complex operating environment. In doing so, they are turning to the outsourced provision of key banking services to future-proof their business models.

    The Banker Masterclass is sponsored by Banking Circle but independently edited.

    In discussion:

    • The path to digital readiness: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the digitalisation plans of incumbent banks and their efforts to move beyond legacy infrastructure by using third party services and platforms.
    • The future-proof bank: The steps being taken by legacy banks to overhaul their tech stacks and realign their infrastructure requirements to future-proof their business models.
    • A new competitive landscape: The position of fintechs, payment service providers and incumbent banks as they deal with a more challenging economic operating environment.
    • The strategic value of financial infrastructure: The emergence of banking infrastructure as a strategic concern and the steps being taken by incumbent lenders to harness the potential of external service providers to meet their infrastructure needs. 

    In conversation with:

    • James King, Europe editor, The Banker
    • Anders la Cour, chief executive officer, Banking Circle

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