The Banker Masterclass video series discusses the next stage in the convergence between banks and big tech, the lessons financial centres worldwide can learn from the successes of Silicon Valley and Shanghai, and how banks can skilfully deploy AI solutions to personalise service offerings while still maintaining a human touch.

    Digital disruption has evolved from an existential threat to a core strategy pillar for lenders around the world. Banks now increasingly resemble tech companies, while big tech firms such as Google and Alibaba are among the world’s biggest financial services companies.

    The Banker Masterclass is sponsored by Mashreqbank but independently edited.

    In discussion:

    • Blurred boundaries between banks and tech: What will increased convergence between banks and big tech firms bring next? 
    • The UAE’s digital transformation agenda: What lessons can the UAE learn from Shanghai and Silicon Valley?
    • AI with a human touch: How banks can skilfully combine the use of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity to enhance their product offerings?

    In conversation with:

    • Ellis Wang, vice president, group head of technology, transformation and information, Mashreqbank
    • John Everington, Middle East and Africa editor, The Banker 

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