Middle East Insight 2020 - Video -

In The Banker video series we discuss the challenges facing economies in the Middle East in 2020, steps governments are taking to diversify their economies, and the particular role that fintechs will play in boosting economic growth in the region.

    Diversification of revenue streams is increasingly important for Middle Eastern economies, with increased investment in infrastructure, tourism and fintech designed to reduce reliance on hydrocarbons.

    The Banker Leadership Series is sponsored by Mashreqbank but independently edited.

    In discussion:

    • The Middle East and the Global Economy in 2020 - Middle East Insight 2020 Ch 1/4:  In chapter one of this four-part Leadership series in association with Mashreq Bank, the discussion centres on the economic challenges and opportunities facing the Middle East in 2020
    • Drivers of future Middle Eastern economic growth - Middle East Insight 2020 Ch 2/4: A panel of experts chaired by The Banker's Middle East and Africa editor John Everington discusses how Middle Eastern economies are diversifying in the wake of lower oil prices
    • Middle East Insight 2020 - Prospects for the UAE’s digital economy Ch 3/4: The role of fintech on the UAE's financial sector and wider economy is discussed by a panel of experts
    • Harnessing the Expo 2020 effect for the UAE economy - Middle East Insight 2020 Ch 4/4: In the final chapter of The Banker's Middle East Insight 2020 Leadership series, the discussion focuses on Expo 2020's impact on the UAE and the wider Middle East region

    In conversation with:

    • Ahmed Abdelaal, CEO, Mashreqbank
    • Jeff Youssef, Partner for Public Sector, Oliver Wyman
    • Aly Kassam, Counsel, Latham & Watkins
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