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Angola Invest

Angola’s central bank aims to attract investment with regulatory easing

August 10, 2022

The BNA has introduced a new regulatory measure, marking another step on its journey to making Angola an enticing investment prospect.

Africa digital payments

New South Africa fintech hub boosts the continent’s fintech ecosystem

August 9, 2022

Africa’s forays into fintech continue apace as a new hub opens in South Africa, while sharing knowledge across the continent continues to be crucial for success.

Cross-border payments

Swift fights to keep up in a changing world

August 8, 2022

New contenders are challenging the dominance of Swift in the cross-border payments space, compelling it to improve on its flaws.

Cash management & tech

Cash management complexity brings banks and fintechs together

August 3, 2022

Using technology, banks and fintechs vitally must co-operate to ensure accurate cash-flow forecasts.

Abdulla Almoayed

Open banking comes to the Middle East

August 3, 2022

Tarabut Gateway CEO, Abdulla Almoayed, talks to John Everington about the prospects for open banking in the Middle East and the lessons regional lenders can learn from around the world.

Mortgage fintech

Technology helps hoist homebuying Hispanics into better deals

August 3, 2022

US fintechs are breaking down language barriers to the rapidly growing Hispanic market, which is also capturing the investment interest of major US lenders.

ECB at night

ECB introduces the Transmission Protection Instrument

August 3, 2022

The ECB’s new tool aims to ensure stable monetary policy in Europe, but will its high bar ever be cleared?


Mexico’s rebounding economy at a crossroads

August 1, 2022

Inflation and the rate hikes are likely to dominate Mexico’s economic landscape this year, although foreign and domestic investment might address long-term challenges.

BNP Paribas

Intra-EBU exposure reforms is a step in the right direction

August 1, 2022

The biggest lenders in Europe are set to have their cross-border exposures in the European Banking Union redefined.


China’s city banks picking up momentum

August 1, 2022

While state-owned banks are making the headlines in the country ranking, the city banks are leading the way in performance. 

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