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Surer footings

April 5, 2004

Despite its shortcomings, Russia’s banking sector appears to be stable enough to avoid a systemic crisis, even when faced with a worsening foreign economic environment. Andrey Kostin, CEO of Vneshtorgbank, explains.

All change?

April 5, 2004

Ben Aris reports on the expected repercussions of President Putin’s re-election.

Spending spree boosts borrowing

April 5, 2004

A flourishing economy is allowing the average Russian to enjoy a hitherto-unknown lifestyle, a fact which hasn’t escaped the notice of the bank and loan men. Ben Aris reports.

High street goldmine

April 5, 2004

Russian banks that used to primarily focus on large corporate customers are now looking at the retail business as a key element of their market strategies.

Pensions shock boosts funds

April 5, 2004

Russia’s mutual funds were wiped out in the 1990s crisis. However, news that the state pension fund is unlikely to provide its citizens with much of a nest egg has fuelled new growth in the area. Ben Aris reports.

Losing ground but not heart

April 5, 2004

Growing competition and the countdown to losing its state guarantee on retail deposits are two challenges that Russia’s giant Sberbank faces. But as chairman Andrei Kazmin tells Ben Aris, he isn’t panicking.

Retail revolution

April 5, 2004

State-of-the-art information technology is transforming the experience of retail banking in Russia. Michael Imeson outlines the latest developments.

Russia’s home run

April 5, 2004

Vneshtorgbank offers a complete range of financial services, but it is its household mortgage lending service that answers a particular need.

Ready for renewal

April 5, 2004

Russia’s financial sector is in recovery from the 1998 crisis and banks are keen to gain an edge by using customer relationship management. But, as Wendy Atkins explains, first they must do their homework.

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