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Bahrain offers home comforts for HNWIs

December 1, 2004

High oil prices and an increasing aversion to Western markets are drawing huge flows of wealth into the Gulf. This is creating a highly lucrative market for private bankers in Bahrain.

Broader horizons

December 1, 2004

Bank Melli Iran is maximising its regional strength through an ambitious expansion strategy that extends across the Middle East and beyond.

Seeds of success

December 1, 2004

Bank Keshavarzi has transformed itself from a sleepy rural bank into a dynamic funding force that has invigorated Iran’s agricultural sector.

Fuelling investment

December 1, 2004

Iran’s prospects for liquefied natural gas sparkle but the timetable for project finance remains hazy.Kevin Godier and Jon Marks investigate.

Refreshed by reform

December 1, 2004

Iran’s reformers are keen to promote economic growth, which is leading to a resurgence of interest in the country’s private banks. Stephen Timewell reports.

Risky business

December 1, 2004

Iran’s economy may be improving but the uncertain political situation means investors must proceed with caution, writes Gareth Smyth in Tehran.

Opportunities in sight

December 1, 2004

M Jafar Mojarrad,vice-governor of Bank Markazi, Iran’s central bank, tells The Banker about the latest developments in the economy and the financial sector.

A new economic era for Iran

December 1, 2004

Iran is reaping the benefit of economic reforms and its banking privatisation plan is likely to be a springboard to further financial success. Stephen Timewell reports from Tehran.

Rising fortunes for Africa’s banks

December 1, 2004

The Banker’s Top 100 ranking of African banks shows an upward trend in Tier 1 capital and assets and profits for the region.

E-paradise found

December 1, 2004

Bermuda has made great strides since the late 1990s on the e-commerce front. Michael Scott, the island’s telecommunications minister, outlines his policy vision.
Bermuda’s recently appointed minister of telecommunications and e-commerce, Michael Scott, is not banking on another dot-com gold rush, predicting that the growth of e-business will be a gradual process. He also believes that it is the government’s responsibility to create an environment that is conducive to private sector development and fosters customer appetite for products and services.

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