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New entrants in profits drive

June 2, 2004

Matei Paun reports on the host of foreign banks hoping to cash in on Romania’s burgeoning finance sector.

Decade of reform

June 2, 2004

India’s securities went from third to first world in record time. But is T+1 a step too far, asks Kala Rao.

Vietnam moves into top gear

June 2, 2004

A trade boom coupled with WTO aspirations are prompting a more open market, writes Nick J Freeman.

Chase is on for the whole enchilada

June 2, 2004

Mexico’s prospects look bright but, as Monica Campbell reports, politicians are resentful that the dominant – and prosperous – foreign banks are not doing enough to help the local population.

Can-do attitude

June 2, 2004

Luiz Fernando Furlan, Brazil’s minister of state for development, industry and foreign trade, tells Brian Caplen that his country’s approach to trade is positive.

Bermuda opens up to foreigners

June 2, 2004

Bermuda is relaxing its rules on foreign ownership of banks, witnessed by HSBC’s recent acquisition of Bank of Bermuda. Mairi Mallon reports on changing times.
Walking into one of the two main banks in Bermuda is like going back in time to England in the 1970s. The doorman knows many customers by name and long queues form every Friday as customers deposit their weekly pay cheques.

Bahrain’s roaring success

June 2, 2004

Stephen Timewell reports on how a major new financial centre, a strong regulatory environment and a plethora of projects are set to cement Bahrain’s reputation among its Gulf neighbours.
Brimming with confidence after its successful Formula 1 grand prix in early April, Bahrain is ambitious to project its long-established role as the Gulf’s premier financial and banking hub and capitalise on the booming economies in the region.

Serious about financial reform

June 2, 2004

James Eedes finds that Nigeria’s finance minister is determined to put the country back on track.

Qatar builds the dream

June 2, 2004

Qatar is on the verge of becoming the richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita as it sees the fruits of its investments in extraction of huge liquefied natural gas reserves. By Stephen Timewell in Doha.

Economy rises

June 2, 2004

Abdulla bin Khalid Al-Attiya, governor of the Qatar Central Bank, talks about Qatar’s financial future.
Q The Qatar economy is seen to be booming; how do you see its prospects and the years ahead?
A The economy has been growing strongly, reaching 8.8% growth in 2003 and a GDP total of Qr70.8bn ($19.5bn). Other factors have been positive, too, with the balance of payments surplus rising 34.2% to Qr10.9bn in 2003 and inflation, although rising, kept at 2.3% last year. Clearly the economy is influenced by developments in the oil and gas sectors, and the growth in gas revenues has and will be significant, with gas revenues expected to be higher than oil revenues by 2010.

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